What To Wear Under Workout Leggings ?

Leggings are a great investment for your wardrobe, especially if you have a body type that is on the curvier side. They’re comfortable, flattering, and versatile. But there’s one thing about leggings that can be a problem: finding something that fits under them.

When it comes to working out, many people often wonder what to wear under workout leggings. It’s a good question.

The key point is that your clothing should be comfortable but also allow you to sweat and remain cool while working out in the summer heat. While there are several choices on the market today, we wanted to bring you an overview of the different options you have available below.

What To Wear Under Workout Leggings?

What To Wear Under Workout Leggings

Workout leggings are extremely comfortable but because they are form fitting, many are wondering what to wear under it so that it remains comfy and fashionable. In these case, you have several options including:

1. Seamless underwear or shapewear

These types of underwear do not have lines that are visible when you wear workout leggings. It gives an illusion that you are not wearing anything under but provides you with all the benefits that you can get from underwear.

2. Thongs

Thongs are another option because they also will not create visible lines on your workout leggings. However, it takes some time getting used to thongs and when working out, you might feel the straps digging into your skin, making it feel a tad bit uncomfortable.

You can also choose to not wear anything under your workout leggings since most of these offer butt support anyway. However, that depends on your comfort levels. You could also wear boy shorts if you don’t really mind looking like you have something underneath the leggings.

Should You Even Wear Underwear Under Your Tights?

There are many reasons why you should wear underwear under leggings. The first obvious reason is that it will help make you feel more comfortable and keep your legs warm during the cold season.

Suppose you don’t want to wear underwear. In that case, there are many other ways to keep warm, like wearing socks or using a pair of tights with a thicker material in the groin area, which can help to trap the heat more effectively.

Wearing underwear under your tight leggings will also prevent any friction between your skin and clothing, which can cause rashes, blisters, and even burns when you wear them without any protection.

What Are the Best Pants to Wear Under Leggings?

If you’re looking for a pair of pants to wear under leggings, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need a pair of comfortable and stylish pants. You want something that will keep everything in its place and not let it show through.

Here are the best ones that you should consider trying:

Breathable Thong

1. VOENXE Seamless Thongs for Women

ANZERMIX Women's Breathable Cotton Thong Panties Pack of 6

These Seamless Thongs are made of nylon and elastic fiber, making them silky, smooth, and comfortable. Its seamless design makes it easy to put on, and a flap at the inner seam prevents chafing.


  • Comfortable fabric

  • Flattering fit

  • Easy to wear

  • Hand wash only

Best for: Ladies who don’t want visible panty lines when wearing leggings.


2. ANZERMIX Women’s Breathable Cotton Thong

VOENXE Seamless Thongs for Women No Show Thong Underwear Women 5-10 Pack

This is the perfect thong to wear under your leggings. It’s made of soft, breathable cotton and is super comfortable when you’re on the go.

  • Breathable fabric

  • Cute designs

  • Wide color selection

  • Some women might find thongs uncomfortable

Best For: Those looking for a sexier alternative to seamless panties that will not cause panty lines.


 1. Sexy Basics Slip Shorts

ALWAYS Women Workout Yoga Shorts - Premium Buttery Soft Solid Stretch Cheerleader Running Dance Volleyball Short Pants

The Sexy Basics Slip Shorts are made of soft, lightweight fabric with a cotton crotch lining and spandex for stretch. They’re seam-free and feature a double-row seaming detail at the back of each short, plus soft-covered leg bands. These bottoms can be worn under leggings without showing.

  • Simple

  • Versatile

  • Can be used with dresses or skirts

  • Seams might be visible

Best For: For those looking for utmost protection while wearing leggings.

2. ALWAYS Women Workout Yoga Shorts

Sexy Basics Slip Shorts | 3-Pack Bike Shorts | Semi-Sheer Cotton Spandex Stretch Boyshorts for Yoga/Workouts

Stay looking fresh and comfortable all day in our Sexy Basic Slip Shorts. These shorts feature a soft, breathable fabric that moves with you when working out. It also has an elastic waistband that gives a firm hold so you can keep your shape.

  • Flexible

  • Comfortable fabric

  • Non-restrictive to movement

  • Seams can be visible

Best For: Women looking for multi-purpose apparel


1. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear

Fruit of the Loom Women's Beyondsoft Underwear (Regular & Plus Size)

Get the perfect fit with this luxurious cotton and polyester blend. The seamless flatlock design features no panty line and a soft-to-the-touch feeling. Therefore it will not irritate your skin even after a gym workout sweat. The lightweight underwear is designed for support and comfort.

  • Breathable

  • Easy to wash

  • Comfortable

  • The design looks dated

Best For: Ladies who wants utmost comfort with what they wear under their workout leggings.

2. Bolivelan Women’s Invisible Seamless Panties

Bolivelan Women's Invisible Seamless Hipster Panties Mid-Rise No Show Laser Cut Brief Underwear Pack of 6

The invisible, seamless mid-rise panties are made of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex. These smooth and stretchy panties have a unique fit giving you an authentic, comfortable feeling while they’re on. With no back or side seams to accentuate your figure or provide irritation, the new line of seamless undies lets you feel confident in your leggings.

  • Very lightweight

  • Can easily adapt to your body’s shape

  • Breathable

  • Can easily roll with just a tiny bit of movement

Best For:  Ladies who prefer a seamless panty that’s both breathable and comfortable


1. MD Women’s High Waist Shapewear

+MD Women's High Waist Target Firm Control Shapewear Compression Slimming Leggings

This shapewear is extra comfortable, providing 360 degrees of firm control. The seamless design provides a smooth look and feels to the skin. In contrast, the high waist design offers incredible support and compression for a noticeably slimmer figure. It’s perfect for working out or everyday wear and features a no-bulk pouch with seamless side panels.

  • Comfortable Fabric

  • Breathable

  • Workout-friendly

  • The high waist might not be compatible with some leggings

Best For:  Women looking for extra stomach support and compression.

2. Reflex 90 Degree Shapewear

90 Degree By Reflex – High Waist Tummy Control Shapewear – Power Flex Capri

This exercise-ready shapewear is perfect for any workout routine and is made of power flex fabric. Made with high-quality materials and a unique design, it gives you the sleek look of a body-hugging workout cloth. It has a high elastic waistband to create a compression effect that helps shape your waist and hips while working out. Its pull-on closure makes it easy to put on

  • Offers support

  • Comfortable fabric

  • Easy to wash

  • You need to buy the right size or you’ll have restricted movements

Best For: Individuals looking for flexible fabric

Is It OK To Not Wear Underwear With Leggings?

It’s fine to wear leggings without underwear when working out. However, if you’re doing any sport that involves running or jumping, it’s best to wear underwear because it will protect your skin from friction caused by sweat or other moisture in the air.

When it comes to the gym, you don’t have to wear anything that feels constrictive. If you’re working out in leggings, you can wear them as is. You can wear your leggings without underwear, but it’s not a good idea. Not only does it make you look like you’re going commando, but it also increases the risk of chafing and rashes.

Ways to Conceal Underwear Lines in Leggings

Ways to Conceal Underwear Lines in Leggings

If you are worried that your underwear might show while on leggings, here are various ways to conceal it:

1. Wear Undies that Hide the Camel Toe

If you’re wearing a pair of tight leggings and then discover that your camel toe is showing through, opt for underwear with an elastic waistband or side support. These will prevent your tummy from showing through your clothing.

2. Wear Black, Opaque Leggings

Black underwear is also an option because it tends to be opaque enough to cover any imperfections. They cover most of your body, which helps hide any visible panty lines.

3. Use Busier Prints to Camouflage Your VPL

If black isn’t your thing and you want something more colorful, consider using patterns or stripes instead of solid colors such as black or white. You can also go for prints with polka dots or other geometric designs because they will create a busy look that will camouflage

4. Check the Size of Your Pants and its Elastane Content

If your pants have an elastane content of less than 30%, then they’re not going to be able to hold up as well as ones with higher amounts of elastane material. The higher the amount of elastane content in a pair of pants, the more support they’ll give you when working out, but they also tend to be more expensive.

5. Wear Underwear that Matches the Waistband of Your Workout Bottoms

If you have a high waist or thick thighs, consider wearing a pair of leggings with an elastic waistband that doesn’t flare out too far on either side. This will help cover up your pants and provide extra coverage under your hips and butt, where you need it most.

6. Opt for Squat-proof Leggings

If you buy squat-proof leggings, they’ll be made from thicker material to better hold up during squats. They may also feature reinforced stitching at strategic points on the legs, so they don’t roll down as easily after prolonged use (like when making lunges).


1. What to wear under tight leggings?

You can wear athletic clothing under your leggings, but ensure the top is loose enough to prevent irritation. You can also shop at department stores or online retailers specializing in active wear.

2. What do guys wear under leggings?

Guys like to wear shorts. They are comfortable and easy to wash and don’t show sweat stains. Shorts are perfect for working out in hot weather. Shorts prevent you from overheating and make it easier to get a good sweat while working out.

3. What should you wear under yoga pants?

It’s highly recommended to wear cotton underwear under your yoga pants to avoid any chafing or irritation from the fabric against your skin.

4. What’s the best thing to wear under leggings?

Cotton underwear is the best thing to wear under leggings while working out. Cotton is naturally breathable, which means it will keep you cooler than synthetic fabrics like polyester or spandex. It also has moisture-wicking properties that help you stay dryer throughout your workout.

5. What do girls wear under leggings at the gym?

Girls can wear a breathable thong to sweat still and not feel the weight of the leggings.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing to remember here is that what works for one person might not be your best option. However, we recommend a breathable cotton fabric to help you with sweat. The material should be light to offer you comfort throughout your workout. It is also good to consider a seamless one that will not display on the leggings.

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