How To Wear A Corset With Jeans For A More Seductive Look

Fashion makes some people go crazy! Some make it a tool to enhance their looks and feel more comfortable every day. But when we talk about corsets, women might wonder what the best bottom wear to go with it. 

Many fashion gurus find wearing a corset with jeans is more enticing!

So, we like you to read this article and find how to wear a corset with jeans. Doing so will not only make you more fascinated. It will also level up your appearance and self-confidence! Keep on reading, ladies!

What Is A Corset?

Women in Europe had been wearing corsets since the 16th century. It was Queen Victoria of England who popularized the garment in the late 19th century. A corset is a piece of undergarment with boning. Most women wear it on their torso to keep the waist small and to highlight the shapes of bust lines and hips.

The old style of corset had boning from whalebone, wood, steel, and even ivory. Today the corset is called in various names such as a girdle, bodice, bustier, or cincher. For some, they call the corset a waist trainer. 

However, the use remains the same: to flatten and shape the midsection. The corsets, like now and then, are being strengthened and pulled by lace on the back.

Back then, corsets are heavy and worn underneath dresses. The old-fashion corsets were mostly silk and muslin: They had heavy boning. The modern corsets are typically leather, cotton, or satin, which are lightweight. The present-day corsets have PVC (plastic) or lighter steel boning and are acceptable as undergarments or outerwear. 

Types Of Corset

The evolution of corsets in the last 500 years gave women more choices on highlighting their shape but feel comfortably well. The modern cincher also provides ladies more freedom to wear the trainer any time they want. It is because the corset now comes in two types: the under-bust and the over-bust.

The corsets also vary in color, length, shape, fit, and materials. The diverse designs of corsets nowadays will let you choose the best type for you. We will explain both types in detail.

1. Under-bust corset

The under-bust corset typically helps you show your attractive abs and cinch your waist for an hourglass figure. That is how an under-bust corset functions! The top of the under-bust cincher rests under your boobs and ends before it touches your thigh. 

Some of the most prominent styles of an under-bust corset are the cincher, wide straps corset, waspie, bodice, and longline. However, you can wear the under-bust corset as underwear or over the clothing.

One of the best examples of an under-bust corset is the SHAPERX 24 Double Steel-Boned Longline Waist Training Corsets Shaper.

2. Over-bust corset

The over-bust type of corset covers the breasts while reducing your waistline. This garment starts below the arms and ends above the hips. The style gives you cleavage because it lifts your bust and flattens the waist. 

The corset offers exemplary back support and ideally improves body posture. The over-bust is wearable as underwear or as stand-alone top wear. 

The sweetheart neckline corset is an example of an over-bust corset. The cupped corset, bustier, denim corset, lingerie corset, and flat-front style corset are also popular types of over-bust corsets.

The Alivila Y Fashion Vintage Floral Denim Over-bust Corset is one example of this corset.

How To Wear A Corset With Jeans?

How To Wear A Corset With Jeans

1. Choose the appropriate corset.

You might now be thinking of the perfect corset type for you: an under-bust or an over-bust. Choose the best bustier that may be correct on your body size and shape. 

For example, if you have breasts with DD cup sizes or above, it is better to choose an over-bust corset. The bustier will give you extra bust support while flattening your tummy.

Additionally, if you have an average cup size, opt for an under-bust corset. The undergarment will provide you with more flexibility. It is also ideal for everyday wear. 

2. Pick the type of jeans that suit you.

High-waist (or high-rise) jeans are too awkward for any corset. However, leggings offer a better look below a corset. You can tuck the leggings to make you feel more comfortable. Some of the best jeans to pair with a corset are mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans, bell-bottoms, and other low-waist jeans.

3. Attach accessories.

Modern corsets are not undergarments anymore. You can wear these cinchers in and out of clothing or only wear a corset on top paired with jeans. And the list becomes endless!

Additionally, if you want added cozy look, try adding some elements of seduction or accessories to customize your appearance. Some of the best attachments for corsets with jeans are jewelry, wearing heels, and hair add-on, etc. 

4. Don blazers/jackets.

Today one of the most famous street style trends (mostly with celebrities) is a corset top with jeans and an oversized blazer (or a coat). Black and dark blazers are the current trend.

5. Heels or pumps

Corsets do enhance your look, whether worn as a top and combined with elegant-looking jeans. However, the outfit is more alluring if you blend it with heels or pumps. These shoes make your figure have a stunning posture that defines the body. 

6. Do trousers may also fit?

Yes! Trousers will also be great with corsets! However, choose trousers with a thick waistband. The wide cincture will deliver a lot of comforts and cushioning for your hips.

Understand The Pros and Cons of Different Corset Styles 

1. Pros

  • It helps you lose weight.
  • An effective post-partum waist-trainer.
  • It helps out in attaining an hourglass figure.
  • Boosts your stance/posture.
  • It keeps you warm during cold days.

2. Cons

  • May stimulate acid reflux when worn longer.
  • Not advisable for extreme workouts.
  • It may not be comfortable during hot days.

Five Kinds of Jeans to Go With A Corset

1. Boyfriend jeans

This outfit combination defines comfortability and utmost relaxation, especially during summer. The style will make you stand out while feeling more comfortable at the same time.

2. Mom jeans

The mom jeans and a corset make a trendy fashion statement! When pairing a lace corset with mom jeans, the look is just perfect for a good night out in a concert or a nightclub. You can combine the outfit with a flannel to make the look less revealing. 

3. Ripped/distressed jeans

Pairing ripped jeans with a corset makes your day more exciting, indeed! One of the best bustier corsets to pair with light color ripped jeans is a rose-printed one with a dark shade.

4. Low-waist jeans

Low-waist jeans paired with an over-bust corset are one of the most adoring looks in fashion today. The style will look more intimate if your jeans come in classic indigo with a solid black corset!

5. Bell-bottom jeans

The bell-bottom denim has a vintage look. You will look more feminine if you pair the jeans with a floral-printed corset!

Accessories Flair To the Corset with Jeans

Wearing jeans with a corset makes you more lovely and seductive. But there are more accessories that you can pair with this combination. Aside from heels and wearing jewelry, you can also accessorize your hair/head. For instance, you can match the color of your corset with your hair clip or scrunchy, a hat, etc.

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1. Can you wear a corset instead of a bra?

Yes! You can wear an over-bust corset instead of a bra. This type of corset offers a natural boost to your bust while no padding is needed. The corset provides a lot of support for a more flattering silhouette and a comfortable trim.

2. How can I comfortably wear a corset?

Wearing a corset for the first time might be uncomfortable for you. But as time flies with numerous wearing, the fit will conform to the contour of your body. 

You should wear a corset daily if you decide to don the shapewear. This way, you will feel more accustomed to the fit. However, it is not recommendable to wear a corset for more than eight hours every day because of its constricting nature.

3. What pants go well with a corset?

The low-waist pants go well with a corset. The high-waist denim rests on top of the hipbones. Wearing this type of jeans with a corset is a mismatch.

4. How do you wear a corset top casually?

The corset trend had been embraced by a lot of people. But there is no one way that you can wear the corset of your choice. One of the best choices for wearing a corset in a casual style is with a white button-down t-shirt. If the night becomes colder, try wearing a corset with a turtleneck top.


Now you know how to wear a corset with jeans, you may distinguish between the acceptable and the ugly combinations. Pairing a corset with jeans is not a costly undertaking, but it will surely give the curve that you desire for a long time. 

Moreover, it is not advisable to wear a corset when in bed. It is unhealthy tightening your stomach while sleeping. Additionally, for those beginning to wear a cincher, we advise you to use an under-bust corset first.

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