How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger In Leggings ?

One of the most asked questions woman have regarding their bums is “do leggings make your bum look bigger?”. There’s a good reason behind this question. In the past decade, a big butt has been a beauty standard that many women want to achieve. It’s one of the most celebrated features nowadays to the point that it’s very prevalent on social media platforms.

However, it’s difficult to have a naturally big butt if you’re not born with it or you don’t exercise heavily. As a result, many people go as far as seek surgical intervention to achieve the butt they dream of. But, for other people, wearing leggings can address this dilemma.

Some leggings can help make your bum appear bigger than it is. But how exactly is that possible? Find out here.

Basic Tips on How to Make Your Bum Look Bigger With Leggings

Leggings for big butt

Leggings can potentially make your bum look bigger. Here are some tips on how to make your butt look bigger when wearing leggings:

1. Pick the Right Size

Good-fitting leggings can make your butt appear to look bigger and fuller. You’ll know that leggings have a good fit when it feels like a second skin to your body. It should be snug across your calves, thighs, and butt.

However, the waistband must not be too tight as it will pinch off the flesh around your hip. There should also be no extra fabric, especially in the crotch area, so you don’t get a camel toe.

Getting the right legging size can be quite a challenge due to the lack of a standardized size chart. This is why it’s highly recommended to buy in physical stores so you can fit it. But if you prefer convenience, you can buy via online stores instead.

2. Choose a Leggings With a Lifting Feature

Some leggings do not make your bum look big because it does not have enough lifting power. Leggings can make your butt look more lifted via compression. In particular, it should be able to keep the volume of your butt in the right place.

There are leggings mainly designed to have a high level of compression. Most of them are for workout since compression also helps improve exercise performance.

Fashion Tips on How to Make Your Bum Look Bigger with Leggings

Aside from the tips above, you can also make make your butt look bigger through these fashion tips:

1. Pair Leggings with High Heels

High heels are not the most comfortable footwear in the world. However, many women still wear them since heels can make their butt look bigger and rounder.

When you wear high-heels, your butt perks up. The higher the heel, the rounder and bigger your butt looks when wearing leggings.

2. Choose a Black Colored Leggings

A black-colored legging will make your calves and legs look smaller. As a result, your butt will also look fuller.

3. Show Off Your Bust

You might wonder what your bust has to do with how leggings can make your butt look bigger. But when you highlight your bust, you can distract people’s attention from your butt. Think of it as something that’s out of sight and out of mind.

You can also make your butt look bigger using some tips in this video:

4. Exercise

Exercise will help increase muscle mass around your hip and glutes. This, in turn, will make your butt appear fuller and bigger. There are plenty of exercises that will let you achieve this, but note that the results are not immediate.

It might take time before you get your desired results from exercising. Once you do, you still need to be consistent with your exercise routine to maintain these results.

5. Think About Your Shirt

Pairing your leggings with a nice shirt is a good way to make your butt look bigger. When choosing a shirt to pair with your leggings, it is highly recommended that you avoid loose-fitting shirts that cover your butt. Instead, pick a short shirt that will stress your hips.

6. Wear High-waisted Leggings

High-waisted bum sculpting leggings give your body the illusion of a bigger butt because they suck in belly fat.

7. Make Your Underwear Invisible

Wearing ordinary underwear with leggings can create unflattering lines in your butt area. As a result, your butt can look deformed or small. Wearing seamless underwear can make your butt look bigger. This is because it does not create distracting lines and contour in your butt silhouette.

8. Look for Bum Contour Lines

Contour lines can build a bigger and rounder bum illusion. It also makes your butt look lifted, making it appear fuller.

Do Gray Leggings Make Your Bum Look Bigger?

Plain gray leggings might not be as flattering for your butt as black leggings. Gray is a flat color, and it’s difficult to differentiate depth with it, so it will not do your butt any favor.

However, if you plan to wear gray yoga pants with patterns, then they might just enhance your butt’s appearance.

Other Tips on How to Make Your Bum Look Bigger with Leggings

Technically, leggings won’t make your butt look bigger, but it does help give that illusion.

1. Use a Butt Lifter

A butt lifter is a piece of clothing specially designed to lift your butt. It’s usually composed of a waist strap and a strap under the butt to give it a lifting look. However, there are other butt lifter designs as well.

Thanks to the support that a butt lifter provides, you’ll feel your butt be more firm when using a butt lifter. It won’t be visible when worn with leggings since the support is around the thigh and waist.

As a result, so your butt will effortlessly look fuller.

2. Wear Scrunch Leggings

Scrunch leggings are flattering for your butt due to their cinching effect. They have narrower waistbands than other high-waisted leggings. As a result, they make your butt look bigger, firmer, and rounder.

3. Work on Your Booty

Wearing specific garments may make your butt look bigger. However, if you want to make your butt appear bigger naturally, then the only solution is for you to work on your booty. Do exercises that will develop your butt muscles. Also, be consistent with your workout to see significant results.

4. Wear a Waist Trainer

A waist trainer won’t do anything for your butt, but it would make your hips look slimmer, giving you an hourglass figure. Because of this, your hips and butt will naturally look wider and bigger. This is exactly why the Kardashians love wearing this contraption, even though it’s not the most comfortable garment in the world.

Waist trainers are dubbed modern-day corsets, and in some ways, that is true. They can be quite uncomfortable, especially when you first wear them. Luckily, there’s something that you can do about that.

When you start wearing waist trainers, do not make them too tight. Allow your body to adjust to the tightness slowly. Once you start feeling comfortable, you can move on to the next stage. Also, don’t use it for too long and while doing strenuous activities.

5. Squat with Weights

Squats target your glute muscles and trigger hypertrophy for muscle mass growth.

However, avoid doing too many squats as you might end up with very bad knee pain. For best results, start doing 3 reps of 15 squats daily. Once your body feels comfortable doing that, gradually increase the number of squats to make it more challenging.

Also, make sure to give your body enough time to bounce back. Let your glutes recover so that the muscles can be developed.

Doing squats can make your butt look bigger, but why should you do it with weights? Well, adding weights to squats lets you strengthen your glute muscle, making it firmer.

6. Do Hip Thrusts

The hip thrust is another exercise that targets your glutes area. At the same time, it helps strengthen your knees and back, as well as stabilize your pelvis for better balance. Hip thrust targets your quadriceps, buttocks, and hip muscles. This makes your butt look rounder by developing the muscles around those areas.

Similar to squats, you need to be consistent with this exercise to feel its benefits. You can start by doing 3 reps of 15 hip thrusts every other day if you are a beginner. Gradually add more reps as you start feeling comfortable, continuously challenging your body.

In addition, you can make hip thrust more effective by adding some weights. The weights will help strengthen the target muscles to make them look tighter.

Final Words

Leggings can make your bum look bigger if you choose the right size of leggings. However, some types of leggings out there are not flattering from the get-go. In that case, the tips mentioned above can help you achieve a bigger butt even if the leggings you have are unflattering.

Pairing your leggings with a specific piece of clothing will allow it to make your bum look bigger than it is. However, the best solution if you want to have a natural-looking big butt is exercise. Exercises that target the glute area are the most effective if you want your butt to look bigger.

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