How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger in Jeans: Top Tips And Pointers

Every woman wants an astounding look of fleshier and rounder butt while wearing jeans. But some ladies are not gifted with full and filled booty. We have found out that even the flattest bum may look bigger in jeans.

Is your butt looking good in jeans? Does your behind show signs of a more appealing look and draw attention?

We did try several jeans on our arsenal. We wear well-known and lesser-known jean brands and see how they go. Here are our expert tips and recommendations. You will have detailed guidelines knowing how to make your butt look bigger in jeans!

How To Make Your Butt Look Bigger In Jeans

A girl is wearing a jean

So, how could you make your booty bigger in jeans? Let us count the ways.

1. Do Not Make This Fashion Mistake

Fashionistas look for Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians with their bootylicious backsides as the standard gaze when wearing jeans.

But do you know one of their secrets to enhancing their buns? You got it! They do not wear granny panties or boxer shorts under their jeans. Instead, they don thongs because thongs visually increase the size of the buttocks and leave the whole bum exposed.

2. Adding a little bit of height helps a lot

Yes, that’s another thing! Wearing high heels make your butt look bigger while wearing jeans. Heels elongate your legs giving a more suggestive appearance of your behind.

Pairing your jeans with high heels pops up the look of your backside and makes it appear chubby. The ideal height of heels is 2.5 inches to 3 inches (high is better).

3. Choose the proper jeans to fit

It is one of the most crucial decisions a woman can make, so her booty looks great in jeans; choose the correct fit. Pick jeans that are not baggy or the mom jeans-type. The more appropriate is the skinny or skin-tight jeans. Tights or stretchy jeans will hug your body well and can highlight your bum as chubby buns.

4. Go for stretch

Try stretchy jeans with at least a little stretch if you want your bum to stand out. High-stretch tights may constrict your buns and make them look flatter. So, choose tight pants (or leggings) with enough stretchiness to hug your contour and highlight your derriere.

5. Ensure the jeans have back pockets

Jeans with back pockets accentuate your booty because the patches thicken their appearance. The pockets add volume to your bottom, so they look plump. Also, the patches will enhance the shape and size of your behind, especially oversized ones. Do not choose small pockets or oddly-shaped ones because they may shrink the appearance of your butt.

It also counts checking your pockets. Better to check the back pockets.

The pants pockets have an extensive impact on highlighting your buns, especially if they contain something flat. But to make them more effective in enhancing your bum, choose wide pockets and higher. They should not be too close but placed right at the center of each bun.

If the pockets are close, it narrows down your behind. Moreover, pockets placed lower may entail a saggy rear end.

6. High-waist over low-rise jeans is better

High-waist jeans help put the spotlight on your lovely derriere. The high-waist cut also delivers a better impression on your butt than low- or mid-rise jeans. The higher waist-hugging of jeans creates an illusion of a slim midsection making your buttocks look fabulous!

7. Pick underwear that enhances the bum

What you wear under jeans affects the look of your rear. Try to avoid wearing granny undies, boxer briefs, and coward panties. These undergarments will make your seat seem flat. Some of the best underwear to pair with jeans to pop up your haunches are G-strings, thongs, and the like.

Irrefutable Ways In Achieving A Bouncing Butt

Here are some proven ways to make your move in building up a vivacious fanny more effective if everything fails.

1. Use shapewear

Shapewear streamlines the body and flat out bumps and lumps. You can try wearing shapewear for your midsection (like the high-waist mid-thigh shaper), giving you an hourglass contour. This way, it will accent the curves surrounding your buttocks.

Shapewear also gives you a flat stomach and flawlessly hides fats down your waist. As you wear jeans, the tight hug and push out your booty create the chubbier look.

2. Use butt pads

It is one of the most effective methods of accentuating your hind end: using bun pads or buttocks pads. It is an instant fix, and you can use them on-demand. You can choose the shape of your bum depending on the volume and weight of the pads you want.

Butt pads are attached to a pair of underpants or panties. It is a temporary but quick fix and is highly reliable on any occasion. You can buy the pads online but ensure that you get what you are looking for: pick the correct size and thickness.

3. Pick Raw than Washed Denim for Your Jeans

Darker jeans provide a slimmer look, including your butt. Many jean enthusiasts suggest you choose raw denim over washed to enhance your behind. Washed jeans come in darker colors creating shadows and hiding bumps on your butt.

Raw denim (comes with light color), on the other hand, highlights your booty: It will provide a notion of a bigger seat.

4. Shiny Fabrics are Big No!

Some shiny materials are taffeta, satin, and silk. These fabrics stress out body imperfections and flaws you may not want to emphasize, like your behind. Satin weaves allow light to hit the cloth in different ways: It will magnify a compact butt. The same thing applies to silk and taffeta fabrics.

So, if you do not want your bum as the center of scrutiny: try to avoid those shiny clothes.

Top Exercises For Making Your Bum Look Bigger In Jeans

Doing workouts every day is a big booster in growing your booty. Regular exercise also helps in reducing muffin tops. These workouts are also a long-term solution if you are deprived of well-endowed buttocks. Here are some popular exercises to enhance your gluteal muscles (glutes) that stretch and bloat the bum when done every day.

1. Glute Bridge

The glute bridge drill increases the size of your batty without adding more muscles to the legs. The training only needs a mat where you can lie down. Do the exercise every day for about two minutes or as long as you can tolerate. The workout will build your butt by flexing butt muscles and enhancing its volume through repetitions (reps).

2. Hip Thrust

The hip thrust is like a glute bridge exercise: except that you need a flat bench or any elevated surface to lie down. It also needs a set of weights to allow you to do six to eight repetitions. The workout helps strengthen the muscles on your buttocks, quadriceps, and hips.

3. Squats

Squats spiced up your lower body, especially the buttocks. You can do variations of squats to help you attain a plump and round butt over time. Some of the most effective variants of this exercise are jumping and skater squats.

4. Glute hyperextension

The glute hyperextension is also productive in boosting your behind, especially when mixed with tweaks. The workout focuses mainly on glute enhancement.

5. Deadlifts

Deadlifting may be difficult for some, but it is also one of the most reliable gluteal muscle enhancers. Start with a weight that is not too heavy and increase the load as you become used to it.

Here are the exercises (in the video) you can do to grow your booty:

What Style of Jeans Makes Your Bum Look Bigger?

The yoke and the back pockets are the two styles of your jeans that influence the appearance of your buns. The V-cut design of the yoke must be deep enough for a shapely bum and high back pockets to highlight it.

Do Light or Dark Jeans Make Your Butt Look Bigger?

As we told you earlier, darker jeans hide the curve of your rear, while light jeans create a lumpy backside.

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There are several ways how to make your butt look bigger in jeans. You can do it instantly, like wearing butt pads or picking the correct style of jeans, etc.

Light-colored jeans also accentuate plump and round buttocks. But the most reliable and long-lasting solution is to have an active lifestyle like doing exercises that enhance the glutes. A proper diet may also help.

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