How To Keep Leggings from Rolling Down: Best Tips And Tricks

Are your leggings keep on falling from your waist? It is too embarrassing when you are in the middle of a gym workout, and suddenly your tights roll down! What a shame! But there are several ways to fix things easier and effectively!

Leggings had been part of the fashion trend for quite some time now. Almost every woman owns more than a piece in their closet. But when something happens like the leggings’ frequent sliding down your waist, there got to be some problems.

You may find the ways to keep leggings from falling so easy to do. It is just a matter of personal will. So without further ado, we will show you how to keep leggings from rolling down. 

Why do Leggings Roll Down?

There are so many reasons why your leggings keep sliding down. We figure out some causes from our experiences: the people we talk with and things we have researched. Here they are:

1. Do you have underwear?

Do not don underwear with leggings, especially satin or silky undies. That is a big no! Do you know why? This kind of underwear makes the leggings roll down more frequently. It tends to lower the friction between your waist and legging. To prevent showing a camel toe it is better to pick leggings with the gusseted crotch.

2. Is the fabric too lightweight?

Lightweight fabric means the cloth is thin and may overstretch with time. It also follows that the waistband is not wide enough. Once a lightweight fabric reaches its stretching capacity, it may not return to its original shape. The tendency is to slide down from your waist.

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3. Do the leggings have a loose waistband?

Leggings with sloppy or loose waistbands tend to glide down. Find the appropriate pair of leggings that has the proper fit on your waist but not in a way that will constrict your midsection. Also, a legging with a wide waistband is more likely to hug your body.

4. The leggings might be too big for you.

It is commonly the problem many women encounter when wearing leggings. The leggings should be skin-tight and not loose. One of the main reasons is that the tights might not be your size. It is better to have a pair that does not sag in any part of your body right from the very start.

5. The leggings are worn out

Old and worn-out leggings have the best chance of rolling down your waist, even with a slight movement. When your legging wears out: it loses elasticity, especially the elastic waistband.

But if your leggings are not that too old: the stretchy fabric (usually spandex) may wear out early when worn too many times in a short period. The spandex material (also called elastane) may not recover when overstretched. It is time to replace your leggings.

6. The fabric may have poor quality

Many cheap leggings from unknown brands tend to cut the cost of making leggings. When this happens, the quality of the fabric is at risk. Poor quality leggings are more likely to have shoddy waistbands.

7. The legging is not proportionate to your body

That is correct! When your tights are not proportional to your frame or build, the leggings are more inclined to suffer sagging and rolling down.

You may have a compact butt and slender hips or a big waistline with small thighs: and other disproportionate body structures. When you have this disproportionality, you may need to repair the leggings to fit your frame.

8. You might pick the wrong size

Yes, that is true! You may have chosen a pair of leggings that is way bigger for you. It usually happens when you are confused with the manufacturer’s sizing chart.

Many legging makers have their sizing standards slightly different from universal yardsticks. So, when ordering a pair of leggings online, better check the specific sizing chart of the manufacturer.

9. After lots of hard workouts

Your serious exercises may have done a terrific job in thinning your waistline. If this happens and you haven’t noticed it lately, you may have a hint when your leggings start to roll down your waist. Maybe it’s time to replace your stretchy pants with a size smaller.

10. You wash against instructions

The elastane materials (spandex or Lycra) are highly stretchable and sensitive to heat and some detergents and fabric softeners. However, manufacturers have specific instructions on how to wash their leggings. If you deviate from their washing directives, your legging may lose its stretch prematurely.

How to Keep Leggings from Rolling Down?

So, what are the secrets to preventing your tights from sliding down your waist? We have shortlisted suggestions from experts and surf the net for ideas and our experiences. We came up with the following recommendations.

1. Perfection

Although you cannot predict a 100% solution: we are sure that you will not suffer the embarrassment if you pick the perfect pair for you. Not all leggings have the same features. You can choose the ideal fit for you, even the most affordable ones.

2. Getting the Right Fit is Essential

Choose a pair of leggings that fit you well: from the waist to your ankle (or above the knee for Capris styles). If you think you have chosen the right one for you but it keeps rolling down: the best thing to do is size up a little bit or select a different material.

3. High-Waist Legging is good to go!

High-waist leggings are ideal for any body type. It will give you more support on your waistline. The high-waist feature will keep the tights hugging smoothly on your tummy. It also has a minimal effect when your waist thins out due to extensive workouts.

4. Brushed fabrics minimize roll downs 

Many leggings have slippery fabric that tends to roll down over time. Others are brushed fabrics that create friction between your waist and the legging. It minimizes the gliding of the stretchy waist down your stomach. Brushed fabric leggings are ideal for running, jumping, weightlifting, and more mobile activities.

5. Compression Fabrics are one of the best options

Compression fabrics keep holding your waist even when doing heavy exercises and other intense sports activities. The cloth will provide skin-tight squeeze but with minimum constriction. However, the compression fabric is not recommendable for light workouts or yoga sessions. You have to wear the tights for less than eight hours a day: to prevent health issues.

6. Say ‘Yes’ to Elastic Waistband Leggings

An elastic waistband is synonymous with comfort and stability. Leggings with elasticized waistband are more likely to stick on your tummy no matter what size of the waist is. Moreover, it varies in stretchiness, allowing for a snug fit on the belly for all body types.

7. Top Seamed Waistbands are a must

If you are not comfortable with high-waist leggings, look for a pair with a top seam. Leggings with top seams provide a more flattering look for ladies wanting to keep the tights stay on the waist. Stretchy pants with a top seam also offer more support to the midsection without giving up a stylish look.

8. Waistband with Drawstrings is ideal

Some leggings with stretchy waistbands also come with drawstrings. It is beneficial to wearers with different body types. The fit is adjustable to keep the band in place. The idea is perfect for people with a waist that keeps changing in size. However, leggings with drawstrings are not recommendable for pregnant women with bulging stomachs.

9. Wearing a Belt is a Good Option

There are leggings with belt loops like jeans (also known as jeggings). Although this feature comes rare, you can search online for models with belt loops. A belt could adjust to your desired width, corresponding to your waist size just like a drawstring. For example, when you eat a sizeable lunch, you can adjust the tightness when bloated.

10. Wash them correctly

Leggings come with washing instructions specified by the manufacturer. By following the washing instructions religiously, you may prolong the life of the pants. It will also keep the waistband with the needed tightness.

11. Wear it like Superman

It may sound ridiculous: but the idea has a positive result: no slipping down the waist! Yes, wear your leggings like what Superman does: pair them with boyshorts or similar underwear over the leggings. You can also do this if you are pairing the leggings with a skirt or dress.


The ways to keep your tights from falling are not too complicated! Initially, you may figure out the best way you could do to stop your leggings from sliding down your waist. But once you know how to keep leggings from rolling down, everything comes naturally.

Fortunately, you don’t have to follow all our tips and guidelines above. Our hacks and tips apply to different types of leggings as manufacturers have their own sets of instructions. You can figure out what tricks work and what do not.

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