How To Hide Belly Fat In Jeans: Professional Tips And Advice

Is it okay to have love handles or belly fat? Yes, it happens to many women. We have them, too! It is perfectly normal for everyone. Those fats usually show when we wear slim-fit clothing like jeans. But can you hide belly fat in jeans?

We know how to hide your tummy in jeans as we have done too much researches and applications to keep you well-informed on the subject.

Tummy hiding jeans are one of the women’s concerns about wanting to camouflage fats on their bellies. Although some may not figure out how to hide belly fat in jeans, we got you covered.

How To Hide Belly Fat In Jeans

Fat in Jeans

So, how to hide tummy fat if you feel insecure with your abs? Several pairs of jeans are available with designs covering belly fat or muffin top. Here are guidelines that you can do while wearing jeans and put out of sight those unwanted fats.

1. Choosing the Correct Jeans

Yes, that is right! Your choice might not help you cover those fats on your belly. Instead, we advise you to pick a suitable pair for you. Try denim that fits you snugly but not constricting. Do not wear loose-fitting ones because they will only highlight your bump.

2. Style Your Jeans

Mom jeans for a big stomach may not be suitable to hide your tummy. The mom jeans are usually very high-waist with a baggier cut on the thigh and seat. So, pick a better style that corresponds to your body, such as slim, straight, or skinny jeans. These jeans are snug-fitting; try each until you settle on the pairs that bury tummy fat effectively.

3. Reach Out For Shapewear

Shapewear delivers a flattering look on your stomach if you pick the correct one for your tummy. When worn under denim, shapewear does wonder. Wearing a shaper underneath jeans helps you conceal those lower belly pooches.

If you want to wear shapewear under jeans, we recommend the Maidenform Women Open Bust Body Shaper. This slimmer is one of the best belly fat concealers!

4. Get Dark Shade Jeans

Dark denim, especially black-colored ones, helps in camouflaging the belly pooch. The dark shade does not attract more attention compared to light-color jeans (or light-washed ones) like white denim. In this sense, your tummy bulges become unnoticeable under dark-colored trousers. Dark wash jeans (such as blue and charcoal denim) are also recommendable.

5. Pairing with a Tunic Top or Loose T-Shirt

Wearing tops like loose t-shirts will do the trick instantly. You can even tuck the shirt into your tummy to cover the unsightly belly pooch. A tunic top guarantees you will not show your love handles when wearing jeans. Tunics hide all bumps and bulges on your abdomen.

6. Is layering okay?

Yes, it is! But ensure that you feel comfortable layering while on jeans. By layering, you can wear clothing on top of each other. Pick clothes with thin fabric so you won’t feel heavy. Many do wear a corset under a t-shirt. It will define your curve while hiding lumps on your tummy.

7. Wear a Corset

A corset goes well with jeans. You can achieve two things wearing a corset with jeans: waist training and belly fat concealing. What is most interesting about corsets these days? You can dress them as a top-wear with jeans and nothing else.

Wearing a corset with mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, and bell bottoms are ideal. You can don a jacket or an oversized blazer with a corset if it is cold outside.

We recommend the SHAPERX Women 24 Double Steel-Boned Longline Corsets Shaper if you ever decide to wear one with jeans. It is one of the most affordable cinchers in the market.

8. Draped or ruched tops

Draped tops or ruched are the ‘in’ thing nowadays. Draping is the process of positioning and pinning the top clothes like a dress form. Muslin, silk chiffon, silk charmeuse, or organza is the usual fabrics utilize to form draping patterns. The draped tops help conceal bumps on the abs.

Ruched clothing like the Coleen dresses or the bow ruched shell mini dresses make the tummy area look flat. The ripple-like effect of ruched or gathered overlay of fabric strips is due to the pleated and fluted clothing. Ruched dresses create a streamlined contour that accentuates your curves without sacrificing comfortability.

9. Asymmetrical top

Is your big tummy makes you feel unbalanced on top? Well, you can dress asymmetrical clothing in sync with your belly fat so people won’t notice your bumps. Pick blouses, tunics, and tops with asymmetrical components.

Some asymmetrical elements might be abstract or with animal patterns, like cheetah, zebra, or leopard. You can also choose tops with asymmetric drapes or hems, which are more flattering with jeans. Asymmetrical clothes are very trendy today; you might want to ride the bandwagon with affordable asymmetric tops!

Here is a video on how to style asymmetric tops:

How To Hide FUPA In High-Waist Jeans?

The unwanted FUPA (fat upper pubic area) rests above the vaginal area. If you have this fat, you may want to wear high-waist jeans to conceal the pot belly.

A high-waist denim perch above your belly button: the jean will hide your tummy. But pick jeans that will match your body shape: for example, if you have an apple-shaped body, the jeans should have wide hips but a small waist. It will give you flatter abs and a well-proportioned waistline.

Why Does A High-Waist Jean Make Me Look Thinner?

A high-waist jean elongates your lower body, providing an illusion that you are taller.

High-waist denim lifts your waist and makes your legs longer, so you appear taller. It tricks the eye into seeing a leaner you. This makes you appear thinner. The high-rise jeans also eliminate the possibility of a muffin top because the waistband won’t dig into your belly.

Types Of Jeans For Hiding Belly Fat

As we mentioned earlier, one of the denim styles that best hides belly fat is high-rise jeans. It is a kind of jeans that supports the tummy with enough tightness and comfortability.

Another jean type you should look for to hide belly fat: is the wide-leg style. It is a jean cut that offers more room for the hips and does not accentuate your midsection: as much as other cuts.

Also, try to pick stretchy denim to cover belly fat. The stretchiness of this type of jeans makes a more form-fitting silhouette that conceals tummy fats. But ensure that you wear cheeky panties or a thong underneath to avoid visible panty lines.

Find A Pair Of Jeans That Are The Right Size And Fit

No one could make you feel more comfortable in jeans except yourself. But we can tell you to pick the right pair of jeans befitting your size. So you won’t end up hanging fat on your stomach or have other visible flaws on your body.

One of the best options is finding a jean that ends at your ankle (not above) for the correct length. The appropriate extent will make you look like a slender silhouette. Also, do not choose baggy jeans: they make you look chubby.

1. High-rise jeans

High-rise jeans are one of the best styles of denim for women wanting to hide belly fat. If you have bulging abs, better to pick a jean that sits above your gut. Some high-waist tummy control jeans have a built-in stomach shaping feature letting you camouflage unwanted fat bellies.

2. Midrise jeans

Jeans with a mid-waist feature are also a better alternative for low-rise denim in concealing belly fat. Mid-waist jeans have a waistline that rests directly into your tummy: flattening the flaps on your belly when you have the correct size.

3. Tailor-made jeans

When everything fails: it is more likely you need a customized denim fit like tailor-made jeans. A professional tailor will give you the perfect measurement and the correct size of jeans: from the waist down to the ankle.


Styling options are abundant when it comes to jeans or denim. If you are going to hide belly fat in jeans: some of the best ways are learning and knowing simple steps or tips from the experts.

Our guideline on how to hide belly fat in jeans is surely so easy to do. It won’t cost you a lot; instead, what we told you can save you time and money. It can even make you feel more comfortable wearing jeans on any occasion.

But still, the best option is to have a healthy lifestyle like eating healthy foods and doing exercises (heavy workouts, if you need them). Also, love your body no matter what!

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