How Much Do Leggings Weigh? Let’s Determine the Factors that Affect Legging’s Weight

If you’re into wearing leggings, you probably wonder: how much do leggings weigh? Getting the right pair of leggings is essential to ensure a satisfying and comfortable workout experience.

Engaging in different physical activities is already exhausting; so you need to ensure that your leggings do not weigh much.

Aside from the legging’s material, color, style, and function, determining its weight is also crucial.

Different leggings come in different weights, making the selection process a bit confusing. But, don’t you worry; you can get the ideal legging weight if you’re aware of the factors to look for.

Let’s explore the rest of this post to learn more!

How Much Does A Pair Of Leggings Weigh?

Leggings weigh differently, and their weight commonly depends on their:

1. Fabric

Leggings feature different types of fabric that affect their weight. Polyester and nylon are the most common materials used for manufacturing leggings.

Leggings made with polyester are 8% lighter than nylon leggings. Leggings made using a combination of polyester and nylon weigh between leggings manufactured using pure polyester and nylon.

2. Brand

The legging’s brand can also affect its weight, meaning different legging brands have different weights. For instance, the fabric thickness used in ECHT’s traditional products weighs about 350 grams.

The small size of a particular ECHT product’s style weighs around 233 grams. On the other hand, the one with the Gymshark brand weighs roughly 208 grams.

3. Accessories

Accessories like zippers, pants, and pockets make the legging look more stylish, but they add up to its weight.

4. Size

The legging’s size also affects its weight, even leggings of the same sizes. For instance, a small-sized legging has a shorter waist width than a long large-sized legging.

There is also a difference in hip width, leg length, and outer leg. These measurement differences encourage leggings manufacturers to utilize different fabrics when making leggings in different sizes and similar styles.

How Much Do Leggings Weigh In Pounds?

The weight of a legging itself is about 1.44 pounds. However, the weight differs once packaged, and the shipping weight is roughly 2.4 pounds.

How Much Does A Pair Of Leggings Weigh In Ounces?

Most pairs of leggings will weigh between twelve and sixteen ounces. Lightweight versions commonly weigh roughly twelve oz.

Meanwhile, heavy leggings may weigh over sixteen oz.

Types of Available Leggings and Their Weight

1. Patterned leggings

You won’t go wrong picking patterned leggings because they look trendy, comes in different colors, and excellent fabric. They’re ideal for any dress of your choice and you can wear them in any season.

Depending on the material used for these leggings, they usually weigh from 300 to 800 grams.

2. Mid-Calf length leggings

This type of legging is a very common and well-known option for many active women. It’s a perfect choice for your yoga practice and other physical activities.

Besides its functionality, it can also give you a trendy look as it’s easy to mix and match.

This pair of leggings typically weighs roughly 300 to 500 grams. However, they can weigh up to 800 grams if manufactured using cotton jean fabric.

3. Jeggings

Jeggings features sleek material that doesn’t cause any discomfort even when you wear them during summer. Thanks to its cotton jean fabric, you don’t have to worry about skin rashes and excessive sweat.

These leggings weigh approximately 500 to 600 grams, and they’re famous for their skinny fit style. If you want to look classic and stylish, this option is a good catch.

4. Stirrup leggings

For those looking for comfy and stretchable leggings, stirrup leggings won’t let you down. The strap beneath the ankle design provides better grip and utmost comfort to dancers.

They are perfect wear during parties, for dancers and ballerinas. As for their weight, they weigh about 300 to 400 grams, helping you enjoy your dance sessions even more.

5. Leather Leggings

Leather leggings are foolproof choices because they’re not only stylish but also easy to match with any top and accessories. Wearing leather leggings makes you look more attractive and curvy, brightly shining in a crowd.

If you want to catch the attention of those around you, leather leggings could be your go-to. They usually weigh about 700 to 800 grams.

6. Knee-length leggings

Knee-length versions are perfect for different applications due to their loose ends and excellent breathability. Athletes and joggers find these leggings ideal, especially during intense workout sessions.

You will love the knee-length legging’s comfy and soft cotton material, adorable patterns, prints, and colors. Among other legging types, they do not weigh much.

7. Disco leggings

Do you love disco parties! If yes, you shouldn’t miss getting a glittery and glossy pair of disco leggings! Wearing one can ensure that you can revel in a memorable and glamorous night.

Ideal as a dance floor outfit, these items are water-resistant, lightweight, stretchable, and don’t cause a color bleed. They’re quick-drying and weigh roughly 400 grams.

8. Anti-cellulite compression leggings

We commonly suffer from cellulite on booty areas, inner thighs, tummy, and other body parts. Undoubtedly, cellulite makes us feel unconfident because they look unsightly.

Investing in a high-quality anti-cellulite legging might be the solution to hide cellulite.

This legging type is sturdy, lightweight, comfy, stretchable, and squat-proof. It usually weighs approximately 500 to 700 grams.

9. Footed leggings

These leggings are a combination of socks and leggings that offer adequate warmth during cold seasons.

Thinner versions serve as stockings, ensuring more coverage and security, and weigh about 300 grams or less.

You can wear the thicker versions inside jeans, they serve as thermal wear, and they weigh around 600 grams.

10. Ankle-length leggings

Ankle-length leggings offer a classic, neat, stylish, and fashionable look, and they’re easy to match with other clothing.

Their functionality makes them a must-have item for active and trendy women. Their weight is roughly 300 to 400 grams, and they’re available in different colors and materials.

11. Ripped leggings

The best thing about ripped leggings is that they don’t generate heat and aren’t stiff as jeans. You can wear them as casual wear or during informal gatherings like late-night parties.

This legging type provides more comfort as they’re soft to the skin. Their maximum weight is approximately 500 grams.

12. Treggings

Do you prefer leggings that aren’t too tight yet not baggy? If yes, the perfect choice for you might be treggings.

These are stiff and stretchy work pants ideal for desk jobs and women working in corporate offices.

These yoga pants weigh about 800 grams, and they’re available in different colors and patterns.

How Do You Dress Right With Your Leggings?

Are you in need of practical guides to confidently wear your favorite legging? Let’s check out the following tips:

1. Understand your body type.

Thicker leggings are ideal for chubby women as they stiffen your legs. You’re lucky enough to wear any legging type if you’re skinny.

2. Pick the suitable legging type.

There are several legging options available today. But, what’s essential is wearing what you’re most comfortable with and what you prefer best.

Please remember that full-weaved and opaque leggings are better options if you wear colorful undies.

3. Wear the appropriate underwear.

Thick undies can make panty lines more visible because leggings stick right to your body.

You can avoid visible underwear lines if you wear a thong with a high waistband or seamless undergarments.

4. Wear boots to get a savage and modish look.

A good pair of boots is the perfect match for stirrups, and colored, and printed leggings. You can also match it with buttoned shirts or tank tops to achieve a chic look.

Alternatively, catch the attention of your colleagues by wearing high heels if you pick treggings for work.

5. Go for ankle-length leggings to achieve any look.

Ankle-length leggings unfailingly help you look cool and simple. They are ideal options if you prefer a more classic and fashionable look.


1. Why are leggings better than jeans?

Leggings are better options than jeans because they’re soft and comfy, and don’t generate heat.

Medically speaking, heat can cause different skin problems, such as boils, rashes, and ruptures on your inner thighs.

Likewise, jeans can irritate your private part due to excessive heat production, obstructing ovary release.

2. Which legging is the best?

The best pair of leggings largely relies on the kind of clothing you wear and your usage purpose.

Opt for stretchy, thick, and sturdy leggings if you plan to practice yoga, exercise, or engage in athletic activities.

Workout, nylon, spandex, and footed leggings are excellent for different workout types. If you plan to go to parties, wear printed or colored leggings.

Ankle-length versions are ideal for formal or casual wear. Still and all, the best legging is the one that offers ultimate comfort and bolsters your confidence.

3. Are leggings out of trend?

The good news is that leggings remain on the trend, making them all-season wear. You can effortlessly mix and match them with any outfit.

Leggings come in several sizes, colors, and styles, and they can be all-day or nightwear clothing.

4. Are Ponte leggings and regular leggings the same?

What sets Ponte leggings apart from regular leggings is that they’re a combination of trousers, skinny jeans, and leggings.

They feature a double-knitted, stiff, and slightly stretchy design. Ponte leggings aren’t the most comfortable, but they can ensure the perfect office gear finish.

You can consider regular leggings better options because they’re sturdier and more comfortable, though.

Final Thoughts

With uncountable legging types available today, the selection process can be daunting.

You shouldn’t only determine the right brand, size, style, material, and function. One of the questions you need to ask is: how much do leggings weigh?

If your leggings do not weigh much, you won’t feel discomfort and bulkiness during intense physical activities.

Now that you’ve read about the available leggings types and their weight, choosing the suitable option won’t be a problem.

Knowing the factors affecting the legging’s weight is crucial the next time you shop for a legging. Please feel free to share this post with your friends if you find it informative!

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