How Leggings Should Fit: Ultimate Guide And Tips

This question always pops up whenever a woman buys a pair of leggings: how should leggings fit? That is also the question we asked when we first tried wearing the tights. But everything comes as a matter of course when we try out several brands: leggings should be fit enough when you feel more comfortable.

But before you feel the comfort, there are guidelines and tips that you could read. Our pointers will narrow down your choices and spend less time and money finding the correct fit for you. Read cautiously our most researched tips and guidelines on how leggings should fit like a glove.

The Leggings Are Too Small: Here Are the Signs

Did you try your leggings and feel they are too small? Do you need sizing up? Here are the three on-the-spot indications that your leggings are too small for you:

1. The leggings are hard to put on.

If you cannot slide the leggings smoothly up your waist, but instead, you feel jerking and wiggling: the tights are not for you. Getting on leggings should not make you feel too constricted.

2. They poke hard on your waist.

Unlike leggings that fit you well, too small a size may dig into your waist forcefully. The feeling around your waist will be unbearable even after seconds of putting on the leggings.

3. The leggings lose opacity.

You can determine if a legging is too small for you when it becomes more transparent. You see, most leggings on the market are non-see-through. Some leggings with thin fabric usually become see-through once stretched too tight.

Leggings Fit Too Big: Here is Your Biggest Clues

How about when the leggings seem too big? How can you tell on the spot that they are way too loose on your body? Here are the telltale signs.

1. They slip down without a hitch.

Leggings should fit your body snugly. But they slide down from your waist when you put them on: they are too big for you.

2. The leggings are ballooning.

When the waistband adheres to your body, but you notice the legs and thighs inflate like a balloon, they are too big. Leggings are skin-tight body wear; they should not be baggy or loose.

3. You do not feel compression.

Leggings have elastane (spandex or Lycra, which are stretchable fabrics) that keeps them hugging the body. So, if you do not feel the compression, the pants are too big for you.

How Should Leggings Fit – Rule of Thumb Guide

In our experiences wearing leggings, we always noticed something worth remembering. Like when we are picking the correct size. Although there are no standard sizes for body measurements to fit into leggings, they should be tight around your body. Here are the basic rules of thumb that you can follow to know if the leggings fit you.

1. A legging is like a second skin: It should be snug but not constricting

That is right! Leggings should not give you a muffin top. Instead, your belly should look flat when wearing leggings and do not have winkles like a muffin top. As a rule of thumb, if heavy lines and creases appear on your belly, you must move one size up. Leggings should fit like a second skin to highlight your body contour.

2. Squat-Proof Leggings

Take the squats test while wearing the legging: make a few squats and inspect the fabric. If it shows your skin or underwear, the leggings are too small for you because they are too tight. It is better to move a size up.

3. High-Waist

If you have a legging (or yoga pants) with a high waistband, it should sit high from your navel. If not, you have a legging too small for you. It will more likely slip down from your waist.

4. Check your crotch

The leggings are too big for you if you notice too much fabric on the crotch. The crumpling on your crotch suggests moving down a size to avoid chafing.

5. The fabric of the pants

If the fabric becomes sheer or loses compression, it results in semi-transparent and flimsy cloth. The rule of thumb is: that the pants are too small. You can move one size up for a snug fit.

6. Slipping down

Another rule of thumb in determining how leggings should fit is when the high-waist band keeps rolling down. It means that the tights are too big for your size. Moreover, if the legging always slides from your waist, even if they are new: you need to move 1-2 sizes down.

7. Make sure they are non-loosened at the knees

In giving a proper fit, leggings should hug your body from the waist down. If you observe that your knees become sag with wrinkles, the tights are too big. Leggings loose around the knees will also give you an awkward look.

8. Leggings Must Be Opaque – No Exceptions

High-quality legging fabrics are always non-see-through (the opaqueness or non-transparency). They also keep the color, shape, and opacity longer than cheap and poor-quality leggings.

9. Choose Your Rise Carefully

The rises of leggings are low-waist, mid-waist, and high-waist. The last one is more recommendable by experts (we also recommend it) because it offers more support. High-waist stretchy pants also fit snugly into your mid-section. But you can try the low- or mid-waist if they are more comfortable for you.

10. Do not Feel Dumbfounded in Choosing the Lenght of the Leggings 

Do not be overwhelmed in choosing the correct length of pants for you. Some of the more popular choices are full-length (or ankle-length), Capris, and 7/8 . Get the idea?

The full-length legging covers the ankle while the Capris hit between the knee and the mid-calf. The 7/8, on the other hand, has a 1/8th shorter inseam than the full-length. Shorter people prefer the Capris, while taller ones go for either full length or 7/8.

11. Compression Leggings

Modern leggings come with a different range of stretch depending on the percentage of elastane they contain. The degree of compression should give you a more flattering look but will not constrict your body or movement. Compression leggings gently apply pressure to the leg muscles. It keeps the blood flowing during intense activities such as running, heavy yoga poses, and vigorous exercises for weight loss.

Compression leggings are valued, especially in avoiding injuries during extreme workouts: hence many athletes wear them. You can feel the compression: you can say if the legging offers enough squeezes on your body without pain or discomfort.

Types Of Leggings That Fit The Best


One of the best leggings today with the best fit to any body shape is Lululemon. It is the brand of leggings and compression tights many Hollywood celebrities are wearing: in or out of the limelight.

Some Hollywood stars like Chrissy Teigen, Ana de Armas, Rita Ora, and Olivia Wilde; wear the Lululemon Align Crop Leggings. Addison Rae prefers the Lululemon Mind Pant 32, and Kirstin Dunst dons Lululemon Run Inspire Crop Pants. Erika Jayne goes for the Lululemon Mapped-out Leggings.

They have too many reasons why they wear Lululemon. One of them is the premium quality. The brand usually has the fastest drying Everlux fabric with a 4-way stretch, and the fit customizes their body. But there is a hitch: Lululemon leggings are not cheap.

It really boils down to personal preference. If you want the best legging alternatives with more affordable prices but unquestionable qualities, we recommend these brands:

How Should Leggings Fit At The Ankle?

Leggings should fit snugly at your ankles and not too loose or tight. The leggings should fall just above the ankle: If it comes shorter, it automatically creates a stretched silhouette that cuts you off at the shin.

How Should Lululemon Leggings Fit?

Most Lululemon leggings fit true to size. However, the Fast & Frees and Aligns leggings are sized-down items.

How Tight Should Leggings Be?

Leggings should be second-skin tight. But not too constricting. There must be no wrinkles or bagginess when you wear one. Moreover, the garment should not make you feel uncomfortable just for showing your silhouette.


Addressing leggings fit issues is not too hard to do after all. Once you know how leggings should fit; the solution comes naturally. Moreover, it is just a matter of common sense. But some legging brands have different fabrics with lots of sizes and elastane. It makes fitting not too easy for many wearers.

Remember that leggings are there to stay up whenever you want to wear them. Although the size and fit are personal preferences: leggings should not be pulled up because they are loose or feel uncomfortable when too tight.

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