Can Guys Wear Leggings? Tips And Tricks: How To Wear Them Properly

Are leggings only for the girls? I don’t think so. You see, many of our male friends (they are straight!) are wearing leggings (others call them meggings). They love it! Fashion trends change every day. Before, men liked baggy clothes, but now, guys can wear leggings, and nobody cares!

But do you know that men adopted wearing tights-like garments back in the 15th century, long before women do? It was in the early 1800s that they fell out of favor, and tailored trousers became the fad.

A decade or two ago, men began isolating themselves from loose-fitting garments. They slowly discover that leggings are not only for running or cycling. The tights are lightweight, like those for girls, and the fit makes men more comfortable.

But can guys wear leggings? We will answer that question as we go along the article. Find out more!

Can Men Wear Leggings?

Can Men Wear Leggings

Yes, they can! Guys can wear leggings on many occasions or for activities, as long as they like and are comfortable with them. One of the reasons why some men are not comfortable wearing leggings is because the silhouette of their genitalia protrudes.

It happens mostly when they have an erection: the outlines of their bulges (penis and balls) appear. It is more embarrassing if the man is well-endowed. But there are now leggings that have designs suitable for men, even in awkward situations. More about leggings for men as we go along!

Can Men Wear Lady Leggings?

Yes, they can wear women’s leggings if they find them comfortable. But it may be more suitable if they look for features where they are comfy. One of those features is the triangular insert, which is bigger than women’s inserts.

The men’s insert is on the hips, within the thighs, allowing bigger front space to contain your balls and penis. However, some costly leggings for men have liners or crotch pads but provide comfortable support to your prominence.

Why Men Wear Leggings?

Why Men Wear Leggings

Here are some of the most compelling reasons why men wear leggings.

1. Practicality matters to men

Leggings are more convenient to wear than trousers or loose pants. They also come in many sizes and are not hard to find. Men can wear them under shorts or trousers if they want multiple layers of protection, especially during winter.

2. Tights do not Ride Up

Compared to pants and other sportswear, leggings do not move up and down on your body. Leggings stay upright even if you move heavily.

3. Leggings Better Crotch Support

Contrary to what many men believed, most leggings support the groin effectively and keep everything in place. Although not all types of leggings can do this: designs such as those leggings for men provide substantial support.

One best feature in supporting the crotch is the thin layer of soft molded foam (or the crotch cup).

4. More Flexibility in Leggings

Leggings give men more mobility or flexibility. The stretchability of tights lets you improve movements when squatting, weight lifting, running, and elaborate yoga poses.

5. Provide Breathability

Aside from protecting the lower skin, leggings are breathable, although skin-tight. Many leggings are quick to dry and have moisture-wicking fabric. Some of the best materials for leggings that make them more breathable are nylon, merino wool, polyester, and bamboo.

How Do Guys Wear Leggings?

How Do Guys Wear Leggings

There are no specific rules on how men should wear leggings. But we have some tips on how to make you look great with them.

1. Self-confidence plays a lot

Guys wearing leggings are now the new craze in town! So, you can also carry the modern look just like others. Self-confidence is one of the keys to making you look great in leggings. Furthermore, ensure that you have an enjoyable feeling wherever you go.

2. Simplicity counts

Keep being simple when wearing a legging. For simplicity, you can wear a pair with a solid and darker color or your favorite lively print. Wherever you may like to wear the leggings, accentuate the color or pattern depending on the occasion.

3. Wear leggings under shorts

Guys do wear leggings under shorts more frequently than wear them standalone. The purpose is to hide their bulges, especially when working out or exercising outdoors. Men feel more comfortable focusing attention on their workout without worrying about the shape of their manhood may show.

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4. Wear a long tee shirt to hide your crotch

Wearing a long t-shirt over leggings will conceal your bulges. The shirt will cover the groin area giving you more privacy even if you have a boner.

5. Wear suitable underwear

Some guys (dance instructors, personal trainers, etc.) who wear leggings do not don underwear. But they wear shorts, a jumper, or a t-shirt above leggings to cover their privates. If uncomfortable with it, you can wear a thong underneath for more support. However, ensure that your leggings have molded crotch cups.

6. Try splashing color

It is now becoming more popular for boys to wear leggings with dashing color but with a manly look. Try a legging with a galaxy design.

7. Keeping it loose

The contrasting feature makes sense. Try pairing leggings with a loose jacket or shirt.

8. Layer it up

Layering your dark color leggings with a loose-fitting top like a vest is not a bad idea.

Where Can Guys Wear Leggings?

Aside from sports activities (such as boxing, hiking, water sports, basketball, etc.), men can wear leggings on different occasions. Some of the best times to wear leggings for guys are at home, outdoors with friends, dancing, etc.

1. Can Guys Wear Leggings In Public?

Yes, men can wear leggings in public places like casual restaurants, fast food chains, while traveling, etc. However, avoid the tights in formal events, business meetings, and the like.

2. Can Guys Wear Leggings To The Gym?

Sure, why not? The unrestricted movement provided by stretchy leggings is more comfortable. Men can easily wear leggings to the gym without worrying about heavy sweating. Leggings for gym use usually have moisture-wicking fabrics.

3. Can Men Wear Tights outside the Gym (like cycling or running)?

After exercising, men tend to have erections even while in public places. To avoid this dilemma: it is better to top your leggings with shorts to cover your bulges; if you decide to run or ride a bike after the gym.

4. Is It Better To Wear Leggings Or Shorts To The Gym?

Wearing only shorts in the gym, men may show intimate parts of their bodies while doing squats, etc. You should wear leggings underneath your shorts. Furthermore, compression leggings will help in the improvement of blood circulation while you do exercises.

Why do guys wear shorts over leggings?

One of the main reasons men wear leggings under shorts is modesty. Guys do not want their baggage (silhouette of balls & penis) to show while they are in public view.


1. Is It Uncanny For Young Men To Wear Leggings?

If they are comfortable with leggings: boys can wear them without getting weird.

2. What Are Leggings Called For Men?

As we told you, leggings for men are known as meggings nowadays. However, they are typically called tights or compression pants.

3. Are Leggings Make Men More Charming?

Yes, men become more attractive while wearing leggings. It is especially when they wear them in sports activities such as yoga, cycling, running, and the gym.

4. Is It All Right That Guys Wear Yoga Pants?

Yes, it is okay for guys to wear leggings (or yoga pants) while doing the sessions. There are many benefits to doing so. Men will have unrestricted movements and more flexibility when doing poses, especially the hard ones. Women in leggings also gain these benefits when doing exercises.

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5. Can you wear compression tights solo?

Yes, you can. You can wear compression tights without any other clothing over or under them.

6. Do straight guys wear leggings?

Absolutely! Many fashion icons reiterate that clothing does not have a gender. One of the best examples of a straight guy who wears leggings is Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). In Iron Paradise, Johnson wears a pair of leggings under shorts. The actor also wears them during his workouts, as he swears.


So, can guys wear leggings? It is alright for men to wear leggings topped with athletic shorts. But most leggings for men have different designs on the crotch. Since men have privates that bloat or expand (erection) without their control: it is better that you cover them.

But you can wear leggings for performance purposes like running or biking, without wearing them on top of the tights. At the end of the day, you are still the one who decides.

So, if you are still asking can men wear leggings, the quick answer is an astounding yes!

And mind you, my boyfriend wears leggings, but I ensure his junk does not show. By the way, he has self-confidence, and I find him more attractive when wearing a pair!

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