Top 15 Best Shapewear For FUPA In 2022

Wearing shapewear gives your body confidence and self-esteem. What about when you have a FUPA? Don’t worry: more women know how to deal with FUPAs and hide them using shapewear.

If you are not aware of this, a FUPA is fat in the upper pubic area. It is common to women (although men can also have them). Some FUPAs emerge after childbirth, while others develop the fat due to lack of exercise, poor diet, and other causes.

The correct shapewear can help you hide a FUPA. So, we researched the 15 best shapewear for FUPA that you can consider and pick the right one for you. Here goes!


Top 3 Shapewear For FUPA

1. Maidenform Women Open-Bust Body Shaper FL1856#1 – Editor’s ChoiceNylon, Elastane
2. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Hi-Waist Double Tummy Control Panty Waist Trainer Body Shaper#2Polyester, Spandex
3. SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Fajas Colombianas Body Shaper Zipper Open Bust Bodysuit
Polyester, Spandex

15 Best Shapewear For FUPA- Reviews 2022

To give you a proper fit: each link has a size chart where you can base your appropriate measurement. Look for it in every product link.

1. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Hi-Waist Double Tummy Control Panty Waist Trainer Body Shaper

Do you want to get rid of those FUPAs that bothering you lately? Well, the Nebility Shapewear Hi-Waist Shapewear might help you. But this body shaper not only hides FUPAs, but it also lifts your butt without trying hard! 

The underwear is also a double tummy-control panty waist trainerwith a pull-on closure for easy use all the time. The stretchy fabric provides the double control feature to slim down the waist and tummy. The underwear is invisible from the outside look.

  • The waistline of this tummy shaper sits just below your bust line for full midsection support.
  • The waist trainer gives you an hourglass figure in an instant!
  • It is breathable even if high-waist.
  • Only two colors are available: Beige & Black.
  • Lifts butt when there is ample amount of muscles.

2. SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Fajas Colombianas Body Shaper Zipper Open Bust Bodysuit

The SHAPERX Shapewear Open Bust Bodysuit has a lace bottom with U-neck push-up breast straps. The open-bust design of this Fajas Colombianas body shaper lifts your bust while supporting the tummy and minimizes FUPAs.

The shapewear has a zipper closure aided with hooks that create double compression on your tummy. The design also improves back posture while reducing the extra waistline. The bodysuit targeted double-tummy control for an hourglass silhouette!

  • The adjustable non-slip straps are wide enough not to dig into the shoulders.
  • The bodysuit is perfect for jeans, skirts, and other dresses.
  • The body shaper is also ideal for postpartum recovery.
  • The open bust design requires you to wear a bra under clothing.
  • For hand washing only.

3. Shapermint High-Waist Body Shaper Shorts Shapewear for Women Tummy Control

The Shapermint High-Waist Body Shaper is one of that shapewear using a thigh slimming technology that uplifts the overall appearance of most women. The fabric is 90% nylon and 10% spandex for a more stretchable fit. 

The high percentage of spandex (or elastane) makes the fabric highly stretchable that fits women of all sizes. The shaper shorts cover an ample amount of your thigh for smoothing and sculpting. The shapewear is machine washable with other colors but tumbles it dry on low!

  • The shapewear is seamless without any trace of sewing under clothing.
  • The high-waist sits slightly below the bust line for extra tummy control.
  • The body shaper covers the waist, back, and thigh for 360-degree coverage.
  • The shapewear comes in just two colors: Nude & Black.

4. Gotoly Women Body Shaper High-Waist Butt Lifter Tummy Control Panty Slim Waist Trainer

One of the cheapest body shapers for FUPAs with outstanding features is the Gotoly Women Body Shaper in high-waist. But there is more on this waist trainer! It is also an effective butt lifter that enhances the appearance of your buttocks and hips.

The high-waist design of Gotoly shapes your curves while trimming FUPAs and boosting your curvy silhouette. The elastic waistband is perfect for your size and will help you recover quickly from postpartum issues. The undergarment works wonders in almost any type of dress and jeans.

  • For an added feminine look, the bottom has a seamless delicate lace design.
  • The laced butt lifter panties remain invisible in most outerwear.
  • The shaper panties work effectively in minimizing the tummy.
  • The super-thin lace edges might not endure machine washing. Better to wash it manually.

5. Bali Women’s Shapewear Firm Control Lace ‘N Smooth Built-in Bra Body Shaper Fajas DF8L10

If you want complete coverage and not just to cover up for your FUPA, the Bali Women’s Shapewear Fajas is a clever choice! This Firm Control Lace ‘N Smooth shapewear has a built-in bra that maximizes body coverage. The fabric is 72% nylon and 28% spandex for the maximum stretch.

The body slimmer has shapewear-bodysuits closure without a zipper or hooks. You can wear it just like a suit that pull-on. The lace fabric is stretchable and breathable, so you will not feel constricted. It has a built-in underwire bra for full bust coverage.

  • The full-bodysuit has soft-lined cups to cover nipples.
  • You can have noticeable cleavage when worn with V-shape or U-shape clothing.
  • The adjustable straps give you a customizable fit.
  • The fajas are not recommendable for longer wear every day.

6. YERKOAD Shapewear for Women Waist Trainer Tummy Control Butt Lifter Panties Hi-Waist Short Stomach Body Shaper Cincher Girdle

If you want more comfortable boyshorts to conceal those FUPAs, the YERKOAD Butt Lifter Panties Hi-Waist Short will surely interest you! But hey! This waist trainer is quite affordable! You can buy at least three of these compared to one of the premium brands at the same price!

The YERKOAD Girdle is a slim full-body shaper that features an open-bust design with a high waist. The fabric is a combination of polyamide and spandex with a cotton crotch for more breathable privates. 

  • The mesh fabric of this girdle is lightweight but durable.
  • The boyshorts lift your butt, and no panty lines are visible.
  • The 2-layer cross-high waist provides double tummy control.
  • An enhanced butt is more visible if you have enough glute.

7. Maidenform Women Wear Your Own Bra Singlet Fajas Shapewear FL2556

The Maidenform brand does not frustrate women seeking a more enhanced look. Even trimming those FUPAs is not a problem. Just like the Maidenform Women Singlet Fajas Shapewear. The singlet targets the hip, thigh, and tummy to keep you slim even for a while.

The fabric is 78% nylon and 22% elastane: It will hug your body quite well than less stretchy fajas. You can match the singlet with your favorite bra because it has no built-in brassiere. The customize fit will give you more freedom in choosing the perfect bra.

  • The shapewear trims your tummy and waist while supporting your back.
  • The singlet offers 360-degree shaping with a split gusset for optimum protection.
  • You can wear the fajas simply because it has a pull-on closure.
  • The open bust feature will require you to wear your bra.

8. SPANX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Power Short (Regular and Plus-Size)

If you hate wearing a full bodysuit but want to cover for FUPA, the SPANX Shapewear Power Short is a better alternative. The slimming shorts are 49% nylon and 51% spandex for a tight fit but do not constrict your body.

The fabric is one of the softest among other shapers, and it offers more comfort and breathability. Spanx slimming underwear is one of the best FUPA control shapewear in the market today. To make you more comfortable in everyday wear, it has a pull-on closure for easy wearing.

  • The shorts do not have a tag label, so they will not irritate your skin.
  • The seamless power shorts have a wide waistband that will not dig into your tummy.
  • It specializes in flattening the gut.
  • The waistband may tear and wear early when not cared for enough.
  • For cold washing only.

9. Maidenform Women Open-Bust Body Shaper FL1856

An open-bust full bodysuit, like the Maidenform Women Body Shaper, has been the talk of the town lately. The trend is becoming more concerned about women’s journeys in finding the solution in hiding FUPAs. This open-bust body shaper is perfect for dresses or skirts and one of the best to pair with jeans and shirts!

The fabric is 80% nylon and 20% spandex that offer firm control on three target areas: the back, waist, and tummy. It is better to have more body slimming targets while using only one slimming shaper. This Maidenform shaper is quite a multi-tasker!

  • The shaper is also ideal for form-fitting tops and blouses.
  • The bodysuit has wide shoulder straps but will not show on dresses.
  • The non-binding leg opening lets you move with ease.
  • The slimmer bodysuit is WYOB (Wear Your Own Bra).
  • Not for butt lifting.

10. COHTB Women Tummy Control Shapewear Panties Hi-Waist Body Shaper

The COHTB Women Slimming Briefs have flexible bones, like a corset, which keep the underwear staying up. The bones are too thin to show up when you are wearing a dress or shirt. The high-waist tummy control shaper has a stretchy mesh fabric that compresses the midsection without constricting. 

The high-waist feature leaves a gap between the waistband and your bra. The slimming briefs also support your back to enhance your posture. The COHTB underwear has a high leg cut that helps you lift your buttocks naturally.

  • The flexible boning on the sides will not roll down even if you move heavily.
  • The high leg cut gives you more freedom of movement.
  • The boning provides more support on the back and sides.
  • The mesh fabric might show your panties underneath.

11. Irisnaya Women Waist Trainer Bodysuit Tummy Control Shapewear Slim Full-Body Shaper

The Irisnaya Waist Trainer is one of the best shapers you could wear with jeans and skirts: The open bust corset is one of Irisnaya’s best-selling cinchers because it fits regular and plus-size women. The bodysuit has 60% nylon and 40% spandex.

If you want a more affordable cincher for whole-body coverage, the Irisnaya corset is quite a stir! The open bust design provides a U-shape front and back feature with adjustable and removable shoulders straps. The removable crotch has three rows of hooks for easy bathroom use.

  • The cincher has two rows of hooks on the front for adjustable closure.
  • The shaper targets slimming the tummy and waist.
  • It lifts your butt while providing back support.
  • The shoulder straps are thinner than most brands.

12. REYEOGO Shapewear Bodysuit for Women Tummy Control Butt Lifter Panty Hi-Waist Trainer

Do you want see-through girdles for use in any type of weather? Well, REYEOGO Bodysuit Panty Hi-Waist Trainer will make your day right! The mesh fabric of this tummy control and butt lifter panty will make you feel more comfortable even on humid days.

The high-waist trainer is more breathable than other bodysuits with solid construction; The U-shape push-up chest supports your bust line when wearing a bra. The stomach body shaper slims out your belly and hides FUPAs.

  • The wide straps are also meshed fabric for more convenient wear.
  • The girdles provide an impressive hourglass figure while enhancing the appearance of your butt.
  • The under-bust corset makes breasts more erect.
  • The straps are not adjustable but will not dig into your skin.

13. Shapermint Body Shaper Tummy Control Panty – Shapewear for Women

For an all-day comfort of wearing shapewear, women go to lightweight and simple body shapers. It is accurate with the Shapermint Tummy Control Panty that comes in one piece. It seems like a romper, but the shaper is just a panty that is high-waist.

Women that are always on the go can rely on this body slimming underwear. It can hide your hated FUPAs effectively because of its stretchy fabric, especially for plus-size women. The material is 90% nylon and 10% spandex for a more suitable hug on your belly!

  • The waistband sits inches below your bust line, so it will not constrict your breasts.
  • It tucks your tummy without riding and rolling the waistband.
  • The shaper is perfect for any occasion.
  • The fabric is machine washable with cold water.

14. BRABIC 2-in-1 Postpartum Belly Wrap Girdle Pelvis Belt Waist Trainer

One of the best waist trainers for postpartum women is the BRABIC Belly Wrap. It is a 2-in-1 girdle-waist trainer that provides smooth tummy controlwithout endangering wounds from a C-section operation. 

The body wrap comes in two-piece shapewear; one is the belly/waist wrap, while the other is the belly belt. The belly wrap trims the waist and shrinks the abdomen to prevent the organs from sagging. The belly belt corrects the position of your pelvis after delivery.

  • The waist wrap has soft but durable four steel bones for uniform compression of belly fat.
  • The elastic wrap and belt both have two layers of lightweight fabric.
  • The fabric is skin-and baby-friendly.
  • The shaper should not be for more than eight hours every day.

15. Simone Perele Women Top Model Body Shaper High-Waist Brief

One of the best shapewear for managing FUPA on the higher price range is the high-waist brief Simone Perele. No wonder: it has some of the first-rate fabrics in underwear that can shape your belly for a more toned silhouette. The cloth is 59% nylon, 24% cotton, and 17% elastane.

The microfiber is top-quality and fits on your body like a second skin. The bottom has an alluring lace accent covering your butt. The look enhances femininity while your waist and tummy receive the most coverage. 

  • The lace accent lays flat on your buttocks and legs.
  • The stretchy fabric hugs your curves in a flawless fit.
  • The body shaper is perfect under dresses, skinny jeans, and skirts.
  • Not an effective butt enhancer.
  • It comes only in two colors: black and nude.

Best Shapewear For FUPA – Buyers Guide

Buying shapewear is an investment, especially if you have FUPA that you want to hide. But you can do the hard way in getting rid of your FUPA by doing upper pubic area exercises. You can also be mindful of your diet, like avoiding white sugar, dairy milk, processed food, and foods with high preservatives.

However, if you want immediate results, you can have surgery to remove those belly fats hanging on your stomach. But this may cost you a lot of time and money. The best solution for on-the-spot concealment of FUPAs is by wearing stretchy shapewear.

Here are some guides you should consider when buying shapewear.

1. Choose the correct size.

Anyone can wear shapewear, but you should buy the correct size. But how would you know your accurate size? Here are the three steps:

Step 1: Measure your high-waist, low-waist, and hips using a measuring tape wound around your body. The high-waist measurement goes three points above the waist (it is the part where your waist bends sideways).

Step 2: In measuring the low waist, hold the tape 12 centimeters below your waist.

Step 3: To measure your hips, hold the tape 22-cm below the waist or where they appear the widest.

2. Pick the suitable material for your body

Check for the elasticity that you need by noting the materials. Most shapewear has nylon, polyester, and cotton combined with spandex (or elastane) for elasticity.

3. Check for elasticity

Pick the right amount of elasticity depending on the severity of your FUPA. Shapewear experts suggest that most body slimming shapers have 18% to 24% spandex: The range delivers a firm to extra-firm hug to your body.

You can choose the right amount of elastane within this range. However, you can delve into a lower or higher concentration of spandex, depending on your needs.

What To Look For In Shapewear For FUPA?

1. Look for the appropriate closure system.

Some shapewear has adjustable closures (such as hook and eye or zipper). The flexibility of closure will allow you to adjust the fit whenever your FUPA becomes smaller. This way, you can use the shapewear continuously without buying a new one that will work on your shrinking FUPA.

2. Look for the one you are more comfortable with

Once you decide on the material, stretchability, and the correct size: look for the brand that offers more breathability and comfort.

For example, shapewear with mesh fabric or lace might offer more breathability that will keep you cool even when sweating a lot. Moreover, maybe open bust shapewear will make you more comfortable when moving heavily, etc.

What FUPA means?

FUPA is slang for belly fat. The acronym stands for “Fat Upper Pubic Area”. More women find the fat around the belly the hardest to lose. 

The scientific name of FUPA is panniculus. The term refers to the thickening of concentrated fatty tissue that occasionally hangs above the pubic area or the genitals. However, the lower belly pooch can reduce by exercises and dietary changes.

What Causes a FUPA?

The growth of a moderate amount of fat in the upper pubic area is natural for most cases. The development of fat on this part of the body may start during puberty. Women have a higher percentage of FUPA growth than men. Moreover, here are some of the causes of FUPA that continue to increase in size.

1. Genetics 

Genetic predisposition is one cause of having thicker FUPA. The increased likelihood of having the fatty tissue on your upper mons pubis may be a condition in the family lineage.

2. Pregnancy

Childbirth is the most common cause of having a FUPA for women. Weight gain and physical change are some of the things that come with pregnancy. Moreover, if you have a C-section, the horizontal scar may lead to an increased bulging appearance above the underwear line.

3. Weight fluctuations

When you gain weight, it stretches out your skin to accommodate the accumulation of fats. Once you lose weight, the skin sags, especially in the upper pubic area. The fluctuation of weight (especially for women) leaves excess skin in some areas of the body. The lump skin is more visible under the belly.

4. Dietary regimen and nutrition

Consuming foods high in fat, sugar, calories, and salt may lead to weight gain over time. The accumulated fat will result in bulges, especially in the upper pelvis area. You may get rid of a FUPA by eating foods low in fat and rich in fiber, especially green leafy vegetables.

The proper diet, nutrition, and daily exercises will minimize the fat upper pubic area over time. But the correct shapewear will hide your FUPA instantly.

5. Stress

The scientific community believes that stress can trigger weight gain. If a person is under pressure, a stress hormone (called cortisol) is released. This hormone influences a person to eat more. 

How To Hide FUPA?

Shapewear-like corsets, girdles, belt wraps, cinchers, and other body shapers of this nature will hide FUPAeffectively. It does not matter whatsize or how heavy you are. But you should choose the correct size of shapewear.

When you have loose skin on the upper pubic area and want to wear shapewear: you can partner it with leggings or skinny jeans. The shapewear helps you keep everything intact, but some help from this bottom wear will make your appearance more alluring.

How Do I Get Rid Of My FUPA?

1. Diet and exercise

Some of the best exercises for getting rid of FUPA are hip lifts, pike rollouts, knee tucks, high plank, and leg raises. However, you should do eating the proper diet rich in fiber and drink a lot of water.

2. Medical procedures

One of the non-invasive procedures to get rid of a FUPA is the CoolSculpting. On the other hand, some surgical options include monsplasty, liposuction, and abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck).


1. How can I hide my lower belly pooch?

Wearing shapewear is one of the best options, and the quicker one, to hide your lower belly pooch.

2. Do waist trainers work for FUPA?

Yes! Waist trainers had proven to work against FUPA. However, the practice should be keenly to protect your health.

3. Does shapewear reduce belly fat?

Shapewear per se does not reduce your belly fat. But some wearers attested to having limited their food intake due to the feeling of fullness while wearing shapewear. Furthermore, the stretchy nature of shapewear enhances sweating, which contributes to reducing belly fat.

4. What is the best shapewear for a big tummy?

Some of the best low-cost range shapewear for a big tummy are manufactured and designed by Nebility, Yerkoad, COHTB, BRABIC, and REYEOGO. If you are looking for a mid-cost range, you may choose among Shapermint, Irisnaya, SHAPERX, and Gotoly.

If you want a more sophisticated brand and price, go for Bali Women, SPANX, Maidenform, or Simone Perele. However, the price does not equate to high quality. It is the proper fit, the correct material, and your needs count the most.

5. Is there a simple way to hide FUPA in jeans?

Here is a video to simply hide FUPA in jeans: 


In wearing shapewear, one of the effects is the diminishing of fluid inside the body due to sweating. Do not forget to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated! Shapewear is a compression garment that pushes fat while compressing your stomach and other body parts. 

Although temporarily: the shapewear can slash a few inches of fat from your waist and midsection. But you should choose the correct size for you. Moreover, the 15 products that we reviewed are some of the best shapewear for FUPA.

But in every alternative, there is a better option. We find the Maidenform Women Open-Bust Body Shaper the most appropriate shapewear for women of any size and shape. The product speaks for itself!

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