15 Best Jeans for Muffin Top In 2022: Optimum Review & Buying Guide

Who says skinny jeans will be out of fashion in 2021? How about the straight leg and boot cut jeans? Are they still popular? But if you have a muffin top you want to hide, what are the best jeans to wear?

Health experts usually suggest a good diet full of fiber, water, and natural juices with a daily workout; reduce your muffin top. But if you want an immediate solution to hide those fats around your midsection, wearing jeans counts a lot!

Here are 15 of the best jeans for muffin tops that we find more suitable for your needs.


Top 3 Jeans for Muffin Top

1. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny Jeans#1 – Editor’s ChoiceCotton, Polyester, Elastane
2. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women Modern Skinny Jeans #2Cotton, Polyester, Elastane
3. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women Totally Shaping Skinny Jeans
Cotton, Polyester, Elastane

15 Best Jeans for Muffin Top – Ultimate Reviews 2022

To make sure you have a better fit, look for the size chart in each product link. Some links also show how to measure the hip, waist, and inseam. Check them out!

1. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny Jeans

The Levi’s Gold Label is one of those mid-rise skinny jeans that provide adequate support to your tummy. The jeans impressed so many ladies because they hide muffin tops effectively. If you do not want those muffin tops visible whenever you wear crop tops, the Gold Label Skinny Jeans excel!

The Levi’s Gold Label has a vintage worn-in look and a classic cut that many ladies find more attractive to wear. The pull-on closure adds to the easy-to-wear feature with a waistband that flattens your tummy. 

  • The inseam comes in Short (28 inches), Medium (30 inches), and Long (32 inches).
  • The super stretch fabric highlights curves while camouflaging muffin tops.
  • Your hip and thigh are also a target of slimming.
  • The jeans also enhance long legs, but a bulging thigh may be visible.

2. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women Modern Skinny Jeans

Thinking that the Signature Levi’s Totally Shaping Skinny Jeans are not for you? Try the more modern Levi’s Gold Label Standard & plus Skinny Jeans. The jeans have a zipper closure for maximum security but with super stretch fabric. Like the Totally Shaping jeans, the Modern Skinny jeans have a worn-in vintage look.

The Levi’s well-known worn finished and the button with belt loops makes these jeans suited for plus-size ladies. The item also offers fit for standard size women. The jeans not only give support to your tummy; they also sculpt your body from the waist down. 

  • A classic version of the pull-on Levi’s Signature Skinny Jeans.
  • The jeans come with a mid-rise waistband enough to cover the muffin top.
  • Like non-stretchy Levi’s jeans, the skinny has signature pockets on the back and front.
  • The jeans are 78% cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% elastane.
  • No ripped jeans available. But you can customize them.

3. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women Totally Shaping Skinny Jeans

We have another Signature Levi’s skinny jeans on our list. This time they are shaping with zipper closure and belt loops. Like the Signature super-stretchy jeans, the Gold Label Totally Shaping Skinny Jeans are 78% cotton, 20% polyester, and 2% elastane.

The super stretch jeans from Levi’s are mid-rise with a waistband that has a tummy-slimming panel. If you are going to hide those unwanted muffin tops, these jeans will fix them efficiently. The jeans come in standard and plus-size.

  • Ideal for casual or formal wear with any type of top.
  • The jeans have a worn-in vintage look with
  • The pair of jeans can be machine washed with warm water.
  • The jeans may not be a good butt lifter.
  • The jeans come only in four blue-color variations.

4. Vibrant Women Juniors Classic High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans

Do you prefer high-rise jeans? Well, you now have a choice. The Vibrant Juniors Classic Denim Skinny Jeans is a high-waist alternative for women with long torsos with visible muffin tops. The pants will help you conceal those unwanted fats brilliantly!

The Vibrant offers more color than other brands of jeans. Aside from the classic blue, the skinny jeans are available in red, white, and black. You can wear jeans with T-shirts, jackets, crop tops, plain or colored blouses, and others.

  • The fabric thickness is ideal for any type of weather.
  • The materials are 52% Tencel (a type of rayon), 35.7% cotton, 10.5% T400 (polyester with elastane), and 1.8% spandex.
  • Although the spandex is minimal, the T400 polyester makes the fabric super stretchy.
  • The jeans are machine washable with cold water.

5. Levi’s Women 720 High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans (Standard & Plus)

If you like skinny jeans that feel like sweatpants, look for the Levi’s 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans. Moreover, the fit is almost like jeggings. But this feature is not the only remarkable trait that you can find in Levi’s 720 Jeans. There are more!

The super skinny jeans have more than 30 variations of blue colors with four combinations of premium materials. Other colors (like green, black, and brown) are also available. The blue hues vary from light to dark indigos. The jeans fit any type of shoes (such as sneakers, high-heels, and other footwear). 

  • You have classic Levi’s colors to choose from.
  • The jeans have 61% cotton, 19% polyester, 19% lyocell (a type of rayon), and 1% elastane.
  • The price range is more affordable than other premium brands.
  • The 720 skinny jeans are slightly narrower on the ankle compared to 721.

6. Lee Women Plus-Size Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean

Plus-size women will find the Lee Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean as one-of-a-kind jeans that deliver more satisfaction for wearers. The denim has the same width from the knee to the leg opening averaging at 18 inches. The straight-leg cut offers a more flattering look, especially for plus-size women. 

If you want a more slacken fit on the midsection, the Lee Relaxed Fit will not show muffin tops. The mid-rise denim also has a relaxed fit on the thigh. You have more freedom of movement no matter what size you are. The pair has 92% cotton, 7% polyester, and 1% spandex.

  • The denim has a zipper closure with a metal button.
  • The relaxed fit does not go deeper into the tummy.
  • The Lee Relaxed jeans have five pockets (the back pockets have iconic embroideries).
  • The measurement may vary by size.

7. Riders by Lee Indigo Women Classic-Fit Straight-Leg Jean

If you want softer yet straight-leg jeans with a button and zipper closure, Lee Indigo has some of the finest makes. Like the Riders Women Classic-Fit Straight-Leg Jean. Thedenim has 81% cotton, 18% polyester, and 1% spandex. The high concentration of cotton makes this Lee Indigo ideal for any weather.

The medium-rise denim comes in dark and light blue colors and black. The straight-leg cut jeans have five pockets: two at the back and three at the front. The Riders by Lee Indigo have sizes for petite and standard size women.

  • The jeans are slightly stretchy and ideal for women with big thighs.
  • The zip fly is a durable zipper for easy and comfortable wearing.
  • The waistband sits below the natural waistline.
  • The inseam may be longer, but you can cut and sew it to fit your size.

8. Silver Jeans Co. Women Suki Mid-Rise Slim Boot cut Jeans

The Suki Slim Boot cut Jeans by Silver Jeans Co. is quite a stir for women who want to enhance their hourglass figure. The Suki mid-rise jeans might be one of your hidden assets for everyday wear. The jeans have a perfect front-to-back proportion and a waistband that highlights the curves.

The curvy fit boot cut jeans have a dark indigo wash with 8.75 inches mid-rise waist. The jeans stitching is impressive, as well as the back pockets. If you are a fanatic of a dark indigo rinse with fine-drawn hand sanding, these jeans might interest you. 

  • The colors come in light and dark Indigos and black denim.
  • The leg opening is a standard 16.25 inches (diameter), with an inseam variation of 31 inches-33 inches-35 inches.
  • The jeans have 5-pocket styling with a zip fly.
  • The boot-cut jeans have 70% cotton, 20% polyester, 8% Viscose, and 2% elastane.
  • The jeans have one of the highest price ranges among premium brands.

9. Riders by Lee Indigo Women Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean

Do you want an everyday wardrobe that complements your body contour? The Riders Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean will make that happen. The jeans also provide everyday comfort. Women will have a good time wearing this denim because it sits at their natural waistline. 

Ladies do not have to make adjustments up and down even if they move heavily because the mid-rise waistband fits relaxed. The fit is close to your body: leaving a room at the seat and thigh will make you feel unrestricted.  

  • The relaxed fit perfectly shows flattering curves for standard size women.
  • The jeans come in two colors (with different shades): black & blue.
  • The blue denim has 99% cotton and 1% spandex, while the black has 83% cotton, 16% polyester, and 1% spandex.
  • The pair comes only in four colors.

10. Gloria Vanderbilt Women Comfort Curvy Skinny Jean

Gloria Vanderbilt (GV) is one of the designer jeans pioneers and the first to design jeans exclusively for women. The GV Comfort Curvy Skinny Jean is one of those jeans admired for its denim washes and splendid combination of fabrics.

The Gloria Vanderbilt Women Comfort Curvy Skinny Jean has 66% cotton, 29% polyester, 3% other fiber, and 2% elastane. The stretchy jeans are mid-rise curvy denim that enhances your hourglass silhouette while hiding muffin tops with any type of top wear.

  • The curvy skinny jean is figure flattering with a zip fly and belt loops.
  • The jeans have five functional pockets but will not show any bulge.
  • The denim is perfect for any footwear (such as boots, sandals, high-heels, etc.).
  • The leg opening is only 10 inches, but the fabric stretches.

11. Levi’s Women Curvy Boot cut Jeans

Levi’s does not go out of fashion, indeed! This tagline had been the favorite of Levi’s fanatics for years! If you are not interested in Levi’s straight-leg or skinny jeans, you might find Levi’s Women Curvy Boot cut Jeans the better alternative.

These medium-rise jeans have 89% cotton, 9% polyester, and 2% elastane. The jeans make them softer to the skin. The curvy denim has a zip fly with a metal button and five pockets (two at the back and three in the front). The classic look of these jeans is becoming the trend in the latter part of 2021 and beyond.

  • The boot-cut leg jeans have a medium stretch feel that is enough for everyday use.
  • The boot-cut jeans hug your curves with smoothness and finesse.
  • The waistband sits at your waistline and not below.
  • The jeans have only two colors: Rinsed Indigo & Soft Black.

12. KUT from the Kloth Women Catherine Boyfriend in Royal

The KUT from the Kloth Boyfriend jeans is more relaxed than skinny jeans. If you hate the tight fit of skinny jeans, these Boyfriend jeans will give you appropriate fitting. The seat provides a generous and relaxed cut through the legs.

You can fold the bottom if you like to. The jeans are 99% cotton and 1% spandex, keeping the feeling soft and more intimate while you move. The Kloth has a zip fly with the iconic metal button and belt loops. The jeans slim the waist and hide the muffin top even when wearing a crop top.

  • The KUT fits without being too snug.
  • The rise lengths are 9 inches on the front and 14 inches on the back.
  • The leg opening is 14 inches in diameter.
  • The jeans have a higher price range.

13. Jag Jeans Women Petite Paley Mid-Rise Boot cut Pull-on Jeans

Have the freedom of every movement with the Jag Jeans Paley Mid-Rise Jeans! Yes, Ladies!The Jag Paley Boot cut Jeans have a pull-on closure, so you will not have a hard time going to the bathroom and be in style every day! 

The boot-cut jeans have a classic denim look with a stretchable waistband (about 4 inches thick) that flattens muffin tops. Even love handles will not be visible once you wear these jeans! The Jag Jeans Paley is 77% cotton, 21% polyester, and 2% spandex.

  • The pull-on waistband will keep you smooth and flat all day.
  • The Paley pull-on has a 30.5 inches inseam and 16.5 inches leg opening.
  • The back pockets have the iconic J embroidery.
  • Whatever body type will fit into the jean construction.
  • The jeans come only in three dark colors!

14. Dickies Women Relaxed Straight Leg Jean

One of the most affordable price ranges in jeans, the Dickies Relaxed Straight-Leg Jean is something you should not miss! But the mid-rise fit denim offers some of the best styles in present-day jeans! The stretchy jeans are ideal for casual or formal wear.

The Dickies Relaxed Jeans have 74% cotton, 25% polyester, and 2% spandex with button and zip fly. The flattering relaxed fit comfortably hugs your body and hides your muffin top effectively. The stitches have detailing effects, especially on the back pockets.

  • The jeans have the appeal of classic denim with modern features.
  • The front pockets have rivets for added durability.
  • The construction and appearance do not go out of style.
  • The jeans come only in two colors: Antique Dark Indigo & Dark Stonewash Indigo.

15. AYR Women Riser Jeans

If you prefer high-rise denim that can highlight your butt contour, the AYR Women Riser Jeans remain one of the best choices. This mesmerizing power-stretch denim from California has some features that most women may not have noticed.

Because the fabric extends higher on the body, the legs appear longer. Petite or average size women may have a good time wearing the AYR Riser jeans to enhance their figure. Some sizes fit women of different stature. The fabric is 95% cotton, 3% polyester, and 2% spandex.

  • The high-waist jeans sculpt your buttocks and accentuate the waist.
  • The jeans have 10.75 inches of rising with zip fly and a signature AYR button.
  • Ideal for women with a longer torso.
  • For cold washing only with a slow drying cycle.
  • The thighs may bulge if you have them in considerable size.

Best Jeans for Muffin Top – Buying Guide 

1. Choose the correct rise.

Jeans come in three rises: the low, mid, and high-rise (or high-waist). However, experts are more convinced that either a mid-rise or a high-rise waist hides the muffin top more effectively. You can consider these findings and try the best rise for you, depending on the thickness of your muffin top.

2. Select the right cut.

Both high-waist and mid-rise jeans have different cuts. Some of the best cuts that could enhance the concealment of muffin tops are the straight-leg, boot cut, and skinny. 

3. The materials matter.

Jeans that are perfect for hiding muffin tops are those with cotton and polyester or a combination of both. To make them hug the body, they combine with spandex or elastane for stretchiness.

4. The color also matters.

Jeans with dark colors or washes are the ones preferred by most women in camouflaging muffin tops. Pick jeans with fading indigo or blue and other worn-out colors to keep the attention away from your bulges.

5. Find the correct length.

The length of your jeans should suit your body shape. The selection should also include how long or short your legs are. Taller women have the best option to choose full-length jeans, like the Silver Jeans Co. Suki Mid-Rise Slim Boot cut jeans.

For small or standard size ladies; one of the best bets is KUT from the Kloth Women Catherine Boyfriend in Royal.

What Gives Rise To A Muffin Top When Wearing Jeans?

The muffin top effect happens when your tummy spills over the waistline of a pair of tight-fitting pants. But the spill usually occurs when you are wearing low-rise jeans or denim. In some cases, the bulges spill out when the jeans are too tight on the waist or have a thin waistband.

Some of the reasons women develop muffin tops (aside from eating fatty, sugary, and salty foods) are the following:

  • Aging
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Lack of exercise
  • Hormonal changes
  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • Not enough sleep

What Kind Of Jeans To Wear When A Muffin Top Is Visible?

Some of the best jeans to wear if you have a muffin top are the high-waist and mid-rise denim. Muffin tops are usually the accumulation of fats around the midsection or just inches above the hips. Once you wear low-rise jeans, the fat is likely to become more visible, especially when wearing a crop top.

How To Remedy Muffin Top In Jeans?

To fix or hide those muffin tops in jeans, try not to wear low-rise jeans or denim. It is better to wear mid-rise or high-rise pair of jeans to conceal those unwanted fats. But if you prefer low-rise jeans, you can wear a wrap dress, a blouse, or a long shirt as top clothing. This way, you can hide the fat beneath those dresses.


1. What type of jeans is best for a muffin top?

There are many types of stylish jeans worn by women to conceal muffin tops. Some of the best types of denim for muffin tops are pulled-on jeans, tapered leg jeans, straight-leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, and boot-cut jeans.

However, you can consider your body type to appreciate more of the fit. For example, if you have an apple-shape figure, you can pick high-waist jeans with boot cut or skinny jeans. Like Levi’s Women Curvy Boot-cut Jeans or the Vibrant Women Juniors Classic High-Waist Denim Skinny Jeans.

Moreover, if you have an hourglass figure and spilling fat on the waist: you can try straight-leg cut or skinny jeans. Some of the best straight-leg cuts for stylish women with muffin tops are the Dickies Women Relaxed Straight Leg Jean. Another option is the Lee Women Plus-Size Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean for plus-size women.

2. How do you wear jeans with a muffin top?

If you want those muffin tops hidden while you go out and meet friends, stay away from wearing low-rise jeans. It is better to stick wearing high-waist or mid-rise jeans. Low-rise jeans emphasize a muffin top, especially when you wear a crop top or a hanging blouse.

It is also better to go for stretchy high-rise or mid-rise jeans to flatten those muffin tops. The stretchiness of denim curves your midsection without the uncomfortable compression on your tummy. The sensation feels grand even when you sit down.

3. Should jeans give you a muffin top?

Yes, they can! The more likely culprit would be baggy jeans! If you choose jeans with the wrong fit, they will more presumably give you a muffin top. It is also true in baggy jeans with an incorrect rise. 

Once you find the correct rise and fit, it is now time to find the right size. Remember that to make your tummy flatter, have jeans with a waistband that stretches and rises above the stomach.

4. How do you hide a muffin top with high-waist jeans?

High-waist jeans offer lots of coverage because they have volume. Wearing high-waist jeans with a tucked-in top (plaid lumberjack shirts or long sleeve tops, etc.) will conceal muffin tops convincingly. 

But what if you hate those tops because you prefer crop tops and t-shirts, especially when the weather is humid? Wear high-waist jeans with a thick waistband to keep the coverage on your belly to the maximum.

Even skinny ladies can develop muffin tops. If this is you, wear high-waist jeans without overly flared legs or like the palazzo pants. The exaggerated flare or bell-bottom jeans are not the ones for you! The high-waist jeans with a straight cut (like the Riders by Lee Indigo Women Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean) will suit you well. 

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Wearing a blouse, long shirt, wrap dress, and other long and loose tops can hide those lousy muffin tops. But you hate those clothing because you want more skin to show. Unfortunately, your muffin tops are visible! What jeans are more appropriate?

The bottom wears that we reviewed are some of the best jeans for a muffin top. The narrow-down choices will make your decision more precise. But we cannot leave without telling you our ultimate choice among those jeans for concealing muffin top. 

We find the Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Modern Skinny Jeans as the best jeans for hiding muffin tops. The jeans’ features say it all!

However, better pick your correct size because jeans will look more enticing on you when they fit well.

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