Zhalima Grazioni presents the ROYALTY


Zhalima Grazioni presents the ROYALTY

Zhalima Grazioni  presents the ROYALTY

The Zhalima Grazioni fashion house is a powerhouse in the southern part of Nigeria. Ever since penetrating to the international market in 2010, Zhalima Grazioni had become a household brand-name in a record speed.

The one and only reason for this incredible success story is the product itself. Zhalima Grazioni completely disrupted the fashion industry, by presenting a couture level of quality. The Grazioni dresses from style, fitting on to finish are so unique and distinguished, from anything out there, that the fashion industry couldn’t stay indifferent. And the reactions were phenomenal, driven by the love of the crowd especially Beauty Queens, Zhalima Grazioni had become the most popular and sought-after brand in the Fashion industry and one of the hottest names in the pageantry and bridal scene.

Today the Zhalima Grazioni fashion house presents the ROYALTY line, a new high-end dresses collection that speaks so much elegance using damask, satin, and sequence sustainable materials.

Zhalima Grazioni has an avant-garde & haute couture design style, one that always tests the barriers and boundaries of the modern world of fashion design. Her style of design is famous for bold, sexy, edgy and, modern fit that incorporates vintages and retro styles.

Zhalima Grazioni also has an upcoming debut menswear line that will be showcased at this year Mens fashion week Nigeria.



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Designer: Zhalima Grazioni  @zhalimaofficial

Photography: Nakush snapam @officialkushreg

Muse: wave model management @wavemodelsng

Makeup: Zapi Botanics @zapi_botanics

Styling: Tonye Hart @hartzstyling

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