Your Guide To Fall Fashion 2017


Your Guide To Fall Fashion 2017

You know how lots of fashion guides are like three pictures of vaguely similar things, united by titles that are puns? (NOT GUILTY.)

This is not that—this is all the most pertinent information about the top trends for Fall 2017 with none about the stuff you’ll never actually wear. Really.

So here is a complete guide of your do’s and don’ts for this years fall fashion.


1. The shoes: pointy toes (you could shiv someone).

If you’ve watched Kingsman and thought, Hmm, sure wish i had oxfords with a retractable blade,” you’re in luck. You could definitely hurt someone with Balenciaga’s knife-point boots and mules. And no they do not have literal metal bits in them.

Fall Fashion



2. The Bag: Clean and Satchel-y;

For getting down to business, choose a structured, bookish satchel, like this guy from Louis Vuitton. Size doesn’t really matter, but the edict on limited strap usage still stands.

Dries van Noten



3. The All-in-One: Anti-Corporate Suits

As fashion’s love affair with the matched set continues, we stray further and further from its Wall Street roots toward the Edwardians and teddy boys and romantic heroines in this years Fall Fashion.

Agnes B.



4. The Texture: Homemade.

This time its all about patchwork, quilt squares, nubby knits and the smell of tradition.




5. The Skirt Length: Midi

The more fabric the better.

Carolina Herrera



6. The Print: Checks and Plaid

The more classic the print, the more nostalgic we are for the comfort of the past. this season, get them in weird colors and even weirder shapes.

Stella McCartney




7. The Color: Red.

This years fall fashion color.

Image result for african woman wearing red



8. The Pants: Grab Bag

Can i still wear skinny jeans? yes, but ask yourself: does it feel as right as something baggier? I think the vote goes towards phasing out super slender silhouettes, or don’t you think so?

Alice   Olivia

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