Yes, You Can Wear Your PJs In Public


Yes, You Can Wear Your PJs In Public

Yes, You Can Wear Your PJs In Public

Odds are, ten-year-old you tried to get away with wearing pajamas to school more than once. It seemed like the most logical solution: You were already wearing the comfiest clothing possible, and it would give you those few extra minutes of shut-eye. Unfortunately, unless you had really cool parents, you never succeeded. Well, karma’s biting back because wearing pajamas out of the house is officially in.

There are levels for the beginner (a lace camisole with jeans), the intermediate (wearing a silk robe as a jacket), and the advanced (wearing heels with a matching set and calling it a day).

Take a pajama set with a cropped pant and smart lapel and turn it into a street-ready suit.


An embroidered robe-turned-shirt dress that says “goodnight” is all we need in this world.

Why reserve your fancy slip for just the bedroom?

The actual definition of “I woke up like this.”

This robe is what dreams are made of in.

Make a matching set work by keeping the top unbuttoned and adding a simple camisole underneath.

Why not try a bedtime shirtdress as a wear-all-the-time dress?

A pastel robe as an overcoat? Done and done.

Get away with wearing silky PJs in public by styling them with a pair of jeans.

Forgo your slippers for a pair of platforms, because, why not?

Source- Refinery 29

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