White Footwear Recipe


White Footwear Recipe

White Footwear Recipe

Footgear is one accessory that is key when it comes to putting an exclamation on your fashion statement; the source of your first impression, and an apt indicator of your approach to fashion.

White shoes are suitable for all kinds of events, from formal to casual (you can’t possibly get into snowy sneakers while wearing a suit); so you have to be particular about what type, when, and with what.


Sneakers are the easiest pair to work with. You can pair with dark shaded hues or denim – if you swing the athleisure way. Or go with a plaid button down shirt and don’t forget to roll up the sleeves.

Tailored trousers are more fitting bottoms and add spice making you appear more sophisticated. You don’t want to come across as too flashy when styling with darker colors, so it’s imperative to find a compromise that keeps you looking tidy rather than chaotic, if you choose to swing formal. Try pairing with a light grey or milder colored suit – tailored and neat. A cufflinked shirt would suffice, keeping you graceful.

Shoes reveal a bit of personality and therefore should be mixed properly in relation to your outfit – especially when its time to impress the ladies. So don’t let the color intimidate you. White shoes can keep you looking ever style savvy and tsteful

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