Wear Jean Anywhere


Wear Jean Anywhere

Jeans were once meant for weekends or for jobs that require physical labor, nowadays even bankers are rolling into the office in them. The rules of denim pants have relaxed considerably in recent years. But not every type of denim is right for every occasion.
And not every item in your closet is right for every pair of jeans.

A night out for dinner and drinks is a great opportunity to break out of the blue denim rut. A nice slim-fit pair of white denims with a linen blazer, a tee, and minimalist sneakers will not only keep you looking sharp, it will separate you from the herd.


For a lazy Saturday afternoon, your look should be more comfortable as well as stylish. You want your denims to be good and broken in, and maybe have a slightly looser fit. Finish things off with a tee, a soft cotton sweatshirt, and some retro-inspired runners.

For a night at the club you want to stick with dark and crisp colors. An unfaded black denim is your best bet. Keep the rest of the look fairly monochromatic with a black tee and black Chelsea boots, and then mix with a  black a light navy bomber.


The trick is knowing which denim to wear for which situation, and what to wear with it. Jeans can work pretty much anywhere, well except to a black tie gala.

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