Ways to Wear Stripes Sweaters


Ways to Wear Stripes Sweaters

Ways to Wear Stripes Sweaters

Be it men or women both will definitely have at least one of it in their closet. The greatest thing about striped sweaters is that they are forever, they never run out of fashion.

Carry an Everyday Look

For a casual everyday look, wear an elbow patch stripe sweater as a top with any sort of pants that you are comfortable in. You can add a simple pendant and carry your hair in a top knot along a black clutch to look effortlessly classy.


Experiment With Bold and Light Colors

You don’t have to wear similar colors all the time, instead you can experiment with your stripes sweater look. Wear a neutral color striped sweater and combine it with a red or any other bold color skirt and footwear. This is ideal for outings as it gives a very refreshing look to your persona.

The Simple Feminine Look

A lot of women complain that wearing sweaters over pants give them very casual and laid back look. Well ladies, we have got the perfect solution to your worry. Just pair up your favorite striped sweater with any matching colored button skirt and there you have the perfect feminine touch to your attire.

Go Multi-Colored in stripes

Simple striped sweaters can be very monotonous and give you similar look even if you style them quite often, that’s why go for multi-colored stripes . You can wear it over any colored dress or combine it with a skirt, ankle boots and there you go, looking all radiant and stylish.

Add Some High-Waist Pants

Another fun way to go about your striped sweater is that you can wear it with a high-waist pants. You can tuck in the sweater. This look adds a lot of charm as well as gives you a strong look

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