Ways to Wear Pastels


 Ways to Wear Pastels

There’s no need to channel your pink tutu-wearing five-year-old self when a few simple tricks will add finesse and urbanity to a colorful ensemble.

Pair Pastels with Leather

If looking too sweet is your concern, try combining your pastels with leather. After all, there are few things edgier than a worn-in leather jacket or more sophisticated than a laser-cut leather skirt. For maximum impact, pair a pale, airy dress with a black leather jacket or a pastel chiffon blouse with skinny leather pants. Alternatively, try going tonal in a pastel top and pale leather skirt.


Choose a Contrasting Statement Belt

There are few fashion conundrums that a belt can’t fix, and a statement belt is just the thing to add an unexpected edge to a twee ensemble. Whether you’re wearing a ruffled lavender dress or a turquoise top and aquamarine skirt, a darker, textured belt will increase the allure. Try a belt that complements the base colors in your outfit, such as a gray belt for cooler shades of blue and green, or a brown belt for pink or orange ensembles. Unexpected texture adds extra polish to the outfit, so instead of a simple leather belt, try an edgy python print or metallic undertones.

Pick Boldly Printed Pastels

Prints liven up any outfit, whether you love a graphic black and white pattern or an on-trend, vibrant tribal pattern. And a pastel ensemble with subtle ornamentation can take you from charming to striking. For a twist on the classic pastel floral motif, try an abstract, silk-screened pattern.


Try a Metallic Hue

If you’re not afraid of going bold with your pastels, try adding in a piece with metallic undertones. In order to steer clear of disco ball territory, chose one piece in a light metallic shade and anchor the ensemble with a piece in a neutral color like cream, black, or gray.

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