Waistcoat Styles for That Classy Look


Waistcoat Styles for That Classy Look

Waistcoat Styles for That Classy Look

Waistcoats can act as another layer in your outfit, or another color or even by adding a touch of pattern to your look. Waistcoats can be easily accessorized which gives them more personality.

Add a pocket watch for a touch of sophistication or a handkerchief for a splash of contrasting color and depth. Waistcoats are such a versatile item of clothing that it is easy to incorporate them into your chosen style, whether it be casual, & formal.

1. Smart Casual Way: Woolen waistcoats add a touch of sophistication to any casual attire. Match this with shirt and tie for formal and jeans for a balanced look.

Waistcoat Style

2. Casual: Fitted waistcoat over rolled up buttoned shirt. Two tone jeans and shoes match perfectly and belt and satchel make for great accessories with this waistcoat style.

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3. Waist coat with Hood – Stunning woolen hooded waistcoat. Perfect for city styles, swag looks or even just a simple winter attire. These kinds of waistcoats with hood just came out in the trend and they look extra special to everyone who wears them.

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4. Street Style –Great use of blue. Different shades in jeans, shirt and waistcoat styles compliment each other beautifully. Finish with a large bag and contrasting footwear.

5. Smart Look. Almost emo style with pinstripe waistcoat, jeans, slate gray shirt and a cute, contrasting bow tie to finish.

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