Voguish Men’s Footwear


Voguish Men’s Footwear

Voguish Men’s Footwear

This season, men’s footwear have more than a statement to make. They put that exclamation on fashion ensembles and are a decent medium for that notable first impression.

Here are a few of the trendiest ‘sine qua non’ shoes for men right now.

For sneakers, Chuck Taylor II: All Stars. No man’s closet is complete without a pair of chucks. Perfect for casual wears to show off your fun and playful side and still manages to keep you up-to-date and fashionable.



Common Projects; Original Archilles Low: If you’re obsessed with high quality and aesthetics, this sneaker is a must-have. Made with premium Italian leather and features an amazing silhouette that goes great with almost any casual outfit. When you think of the perfect white sneaker, this is it.


Adidas Stan Smith: These are a staple white sneaker, though it comes in a bevy of colors. It’s a great looking show at a reasonable price.¬†These men’s shoes keep the look clean in smooth full grain leather and rubber outsoles. They are guaranteed to blend no mater the combination of your outfit for the occasion.


Yeezy Boost 350: The whole world goes crazy anytime Yeezy’s get released. If you’re more into the streetwear side of fashion, then you know how important these boots are. Their rather comfortable and unique design keeps them foremost in our minds; our utmost preference for anything street-smart.


Boots Rave

This type of men’s shoes add that subtle rock and roll and yet contemporary appearance to any outfit, provided its mixed and styled properly.

YSL Chelsea Boots: These premium chelsea boots from Yves Saint Laurent are unparalleled in both aesthetics and quality. Though, they might be a bit pricey, they definitely are worth the price.


Timberland: Although everybody knows about the classic cheese colored Timberlands are iconic and have been gong strong for years. This is definitely a staple boot and very functional.


And for the formal type of men’s footwear – Brown Longwings; think of them as your workhorse shoe, perfect with everything from jeans to suits and appropriate for everything but formal occasions and (very) important meetings with (relatively) conservative business partners.


Black Cap Toe Oxfords: You know how that last pair of footwear ¬†wouldn’t work for the dressier moments in your life? Trust that these pair will, everytime.

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