Trendy Tuesdays! What’s Hot in the Fashion World

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Trendy Tuesdays! What’s Hot in the Fashion World

Trendy Tuesdays! What’s Hot in the Fashion World

It’s a whole new day and a whole new season. So that means… yeah, you guessed it. A whole new trend. Today’s trend is something we were a bit hestitant about when we first saw,  but now we’ve sort of grown to love it? Okay now that we’ve made you totally anxious to find out what it is, we might as well tell you. Here it goes….Pink Frocks….ta da!

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We never thought we would see the day that maxi dresses in different shades of pink would grace the runway, much less dominate it, but we’re apparently in that age, because in the Spring/Summer runway collections of 2017, they were everywhere to be found.

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We saw magenta, fuchsia, rose, bubblegum, strawberry and a dozen other shades of pink. We love this trend because it’s one that’s easy to wear and pull off. It’s loose and flows around the legs which flatters women with a slimmer figure as well as adds some needed volume.

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trendyThis trendy, bright and different look comes in various styles. No two designs are the same. There are the low necks, low backs, turtlenecks, sleeveless, off shoulders, halters, fringe and so so many more. It’s best worn with trendy statement heels and other accessories as flats or plain jewelry won’t flatter this look.



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