Top Denim Trends Making Raves At The Moment


Top Denim Trends Making Raves At The Moment

Top Denim Trends Making Raves At The Moment

Jeans will always be an integral part of our wardrobe, but sometimes we get a bit tired of our go-to skinnies and ’70s-inspired flares. We’re certainly not suggesting you ditch either of those styles anytime soon, but we do think you should open your mind to the following denim trends we’re predicting will be huge throughout the rest of 2017.



As in, pairs of jeans that would look comically long if worn un-cuffed. The hem should stop at or just above your ankle, making these babies perfect for showing off a killer pair of shoes.


Yes, still. It feels like we’ve been telling you to wear this look forever, but that’s only because it’s still going strong. And we’re not mad about it: Raw-edge jeans are super cool. If you’re a holdout who thinks the frayed ends look sloppy, consider pairing them with ladylike pumps and see how put-together they can look.

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It’s no secret we’re denim jacket devotees, which is why we’re so psyched they’re such perennial fashion favorites. This year we’re especially digging looser, boxier cuts that are a bit more androgynous. Pair yours with something girlier, like a pleated skirt, to create a cool juxtaposition.

embroidered-denim-trend.jpg (1280×1280)


Craft night, anyone? All you need is a fun patch or two to get in on this fun and quirky trend that’s a little throwback to the ’60s. You could, of course, also buy a pre-embroidered pair if upcycling sounds exhausting.

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Most, if not all, of your jeans probably have a zipper, so why not switch it up with a snazzy button-front, a subtle detail that gives run-of-the-mill denim a textured touch. Just be sure to stick to higher-waisted pairs, since low riders that button up the front are giving us weird Britney-and-Christina flashbacks.

9d147ecd6657012852e67660bfa71f8d.jpg (600×600)


Remember those high-low dresses that were everywhere a few years ago? This is similar to that but with denim (and cooler). These jeans should fit a bit looser than your skinnies, and the front should be cut a couple of inches higher than the back. (News flash: You can also DIY that.) Then this silhouette is awesome for showcasing a killer pair of shoes, so choose wisely.

5-2-15(9).png (600×902)



You know shirtdresses and you love shirtdresses. These have been a spring and summer staple of ours for quite some time, but this year we’re mixing things up with updated denim details, like raw-edge and uneven hems. Trust us: Come July, this is all you’re going to want to wear.


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