The Slip Dress


The Slip Dress

by Monjola Adeboye

The slip dress is being let loose this spring. We’re no longer wearing them over t shirts or under bomber jackets, rather we’re letting everyone sneak a peek at our bare shoulders and arms. Reminiscent of the 90’s, as well as of undergarments, the slip dress is o a completely new wavelength.

slipp dress

What we love about the look is that it’s chic, cool, and unbelievably easy to wear.

slip dress3


You have to admit that you can totally picture yourself in this look.

slip dress


It is universally easy to rock. You can either make it absurdly simple by pairing it with a simple pair of flats or boho sandals, or class it up by adding jewelry and heels. Last, you can show a bit of your tomboy side by wearing it with some cute trainers.






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