The Only Pieces You Need to Look Tomboy Chic


The Only Pieces You Need to Look Tomboy Chic

The Only Pieces You Need to Look Tomboy Chic

So you woke up not really feeling the florals, dresses, and stilettos of the world, but you’re also not necessarily ready to commit to a head-to-toe menswear-inspired look… This is what we like to call the tomboy-chic feeling. To achieve this aesthetic, you need the ideal balance of items you could have borrowed from your male significant other or best friend, alongside the items that make you, well, you. After all, a standout tomboy-esque piece doesn’t really stand out at all if not countered by something strikingly different.

There are hundreds of items to choose from in the world of tomboy fashion, but we are here to bring you just a selection of our favorites—we wouldn’t want to overwhelm you with too many choices. Not only are these our favorites pieces, but they are also the most accessible, meaning they will require little to no styling effort on your part whatsoever. From high-top sneakers to oversize blazers, track pants to pantsuits, ahead, we bring you everything you’ll need to achieve the tomboy-chic look with ease.

High top sneakers

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Track pants

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Crisp button down shirt

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Pants suit

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Baggy jeans

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Oversize blazer

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Chunky boots

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