The Niche Jacket; Everywhere You Go


The Niche Jacket; Everywhere You Go

Although the major trends are all on the center stage this period, there is one microtrend that has been popping up in few places lately. I call it the Niche Jacket.

This new sugary pastel corduroy jacket seems a highstreet thing-y this summer, when it comes to this micro happening, its all about saccharine ice cream hues, from Weekday’s mint corduroy jack’ to urban baby style and colors.

So, here is a compilation of some of the best ice-cream colored Niche Jacket to cop;


1. Niche Jacket

Mango Corduroy Oversize Coat

The Mango jacket is over-sized, giving it more of a menswear fit.

2. Image result for Weekday Cora Corduroy Jacket

Weekday Cora Corduroy Jacket

We love this minty green.

Image result for BDG Corduroy Jacket
BDG Corduroy Fleece
4. Related image
River Island Pink Corduroy Borg Collar Trucker Jacket
Anyone else getting Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things vibes?
Although the summer colors are in, it can be styled with many of the new autumn pieces showing that this fashion piece isn’t only for august.
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