The Mint Fad For Men

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The Mint Fad For Men

The Mint Fad For Men

Mint is a stylishly different and refreshing color. It goes ideally with pastel shades. If you are looking for unique colored pants and want to try something new, go for mint colored pants. There is no denying that this mint fad makes a very unique outfit, as well as a fresh hue; Not only for women but for men as well.

The first thing to decide when buying mint green pants is whether or not the color suits you. It usually goes with most skin tones, though.

Mint Fad

You can wear a crisp pair of mint green pants with a light blue button down shirt. You can also switch the blue shirt for a white one with a red cardigan. Wear brown brogues so that you look even more debonair.

PASTEL DRESS PANTS: Try this fad for a sober look. Make certain, the color of your shoes matches that of your belt.


STREET STYLE OUTFIT: For the street style look, light green pants with a checkered dress shirt and loosely wear a red and blue tie around the neck. Brown suede shoes and brown belt for adding the finishing touches.


For the ideal work attire, wear this mint fad with a crisp white shirt for that formal appearance.

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