The Indisputable Slip shoe

the indisputable slip shoes

The Indisputable Slip shoe

The Indisputable Slip shoe

Maintain casual, yet put together looks with the humble slip shoes. Also known as the slipper, this ingenious footpiece comes in a range of materials for spring and summer, the options are endless with the latest styles and shapes which provide a comfortable and polished finish. Keep things classic by pairing slippers with traditionalist agbadas or incorporate a slipper with more colourful, casual looks consisting of a rolled up denim or chinos pants . Keep trousers well tailored when trying out the slipper trend, maintaining the outfit balance. agbaada slipshoes Slip Shoes with Agbadacasual slipshoes Casuals formal slipshoes and Formal wear.

suede tassels slipshoes

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