The “In” Fashion Items For February

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The “In” Fashion Items For February

The “In” Fashion Items For February

We’ve checked the streets and the red carpets and we can tell you with the authority bestowed in us – by us, that the following fashion items are what you need to make it through the month of February without committing any fashion faux pas.

  1. JACKETS: we suggest adding a jacket to your collection, like a lightweight bomber or cool denim. Go for something you can layer or wear on its own once the weather shifts. 
  2. STATEMENT EARRINGS: Throwing on a pair of earrings is one of the easiest ways to add polish to an outfit. This accessory will elevate your style. 
  3. STYLISH SLIDES: These were in back in the 90’s and now they are back. From satin to velvet textures, it’s all about stylish slides when it comes to footwear.
  4. NO HEM JEANS: The denim jeans with no hems are slowly becoming a movement. You want to jump on this train just before it leaves the station.
  5. PINK: Yeah, we are all tired of wearing red (Its so several decades of February ago). Pink is the new color of cool.


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