The Flannel Piece


The Flannel Piece

Checkered shirts have been considered a perpetual man-piece for ages now. But that hasn’t stopped this plaid craze from resurfacing on the runways and shelves this period.

Flannel pieces come in an array of colors its almost impossible to have one favorite shade. This peculiarity  provides a series of possible outfit combinations to bear in mind when styling. Its beauty is in its comfort and its essential for the effortlessly groovy style.

The tartan fad has become an epitome of the casual wardrobe. Throw on a pair of skinny jeans and sneakers or loafers and you’ve just attained the stylish, yet straightforward classic appearance. Let’s forget the traditional lumberjack wardrobe cliché, this casual staple seems like its here to stay.

Despite the myriad of colors to choose from, the red checkered shirt, sometimes, is a bit tricky to lay your hands on as it is to style. It is the most classic of tartans out there, and for a reason. Paired with a grey or black plain tee, to make the pattern the main focus. Its best to keep the styling simple.

On the other hand, grey plaid shirts are rather versatile with color schemes and are quite undemanding to style. Combined with a pair of sand chinos, this blend can permit you even through smart-casual situations.

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These shirts often come in checkered patterns. If you have too many checkered shirts but can’t resist getting another, the horizontal of vertically striped plaid shirts are a great alternative.

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Though flannel doesn’t necessarily mean plaid, the most convenient thing about this type of shirts is the number of variations they come in, making it suitable for almost any body shape or size. This conventional piece works great as a layering piece, creating texture and a little bit of detail to your Flannel look.

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