The Coolest Shoe Styles to Wear With Jeans This Season

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The Coolest Shoe Styles to Wear With Jeans This Season

Looking through the latest street style images, one thing we noticed first were all the gorgeous footwear choices. Most noteworthy, the stylish shoe silhouettes fashion girls paired with everyone’s go-to seasonal staple—jeans.

Ahead, we’re taking a closer look at the shoe styles and denim combinations the most stylish women tested out during fashion week—and the looks we’ll all try in the next few months. Because come on, it’s never too early to start planning next season’s wardrobe, right?

  1. Embroidered Shoes: Shoe with embroidery detail are coming in strong this season as seen on the streets of NewYork Fashion week. Most IT girls paired theirs with hemless jeans for added drama.Spring Shoe Trends
  2. Kitten Heels: Kitten heels were also a big hit for the fashion enthusiasts at the NewYork Fashion Week. Their half high heels conveyed comfort and style in one gift wrapped package.Spring Shoe Trends
  3. Furry Shoes: The plush and furry are making the rounds as the new in thing. It looks like fashion girls don’t just want that comforting lushness on teddy bears and stationary rugs, they want to walk in them wherever they go.Spring Shoe Trends
  4. Platforms: When it comes to shoe styles, platforms have consistently remained an old friend. whether you want to channel the glamour of the 80’s or just look like a medley of every style, platforms have the right hold one your sole. Pun intended.Spring Shoe Trends
  5. White Shoes: White shoe styles have a way of making an outfit look sophisticated and well put together. A word of caution though, always make sure your shoes are pristine white! Muddy white shoes mar your entire outfit.Spring Shoe TrendsSpring 2016 Shoe Trend: White ShoesSpring 2016 Shoe Trend: White Shoes

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