The Best Swim-Shorts You Can Buy For Summer


The Best Swim-Shorts You Can Buy For Summer

The Best Swim-Shorts You Can Buy For Summer

Swim pants: the blessed sweet spot between barely-there budgie smugglers and achingly uncool ‘rad man’ boardshorts. And it gets better. Not only are swim-shorts the ultimate balancing act of beachwear, but they complement a wide bracket of body types – whether you’re tall, stout, short or Henry VIII himself, there’s sure to be a pair that’ll suit.


Not only should style and fit be considered, but also comfort too.

All of which are important if you’ve got the budget to spend, choosing the type that can carry you through the entire day, and for this period here are a few mid-length these pants for every man out there.


1. Orlebar Brown Bulldog Mid-Length Swim-pants.



The most heavenly of colors is a godsend to warmer skin tones, and better yet, will be the gift that keeps on giving the more you tan.



2. Speedo Printed Leisure Water Swim Shorts


These printed shorts integrate an easy-to-wear print – stripes – within a shape that doesn’t require an Olympian’s physique.



3. BoohooMan Mid Length Swim Pants.


While we’re not condoning boardshorts, there’s no harm in a slightly longer length. Not only will an extra couple of centimeters provide relief for the more modest swimmer, Boohoo Man’s fail-safe colour and minimalist design make for an exceptional holiday staple.



4. River Island Dark Red Swim Shorts

a subtle homage to retro gym vibes without referencing bell-bottoms and an abundance of poorly-trimmed body hair.



5. Frescobol Carioca Angra Tailored Swim Pants


Unless you’re in model shape, Hawaiian prints may be ill-advised. Microprints however, get the green light. Frescobol Carioca’s swimpants take on the appearance of one block colour – the ultimate in wearability – yet add depth with the fine print to break away from usual monotones.

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