The Best Hiking Boots To Have This Year

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The Best Hiking Boots To Have This Year

The Best Hiking Boots To Have This Year

Hiking – it’s hardly the most stylish of pastimes. Even a properly handsome bloke isn’t going to look his best covered in sweat and mud. So how, then, did clothing from such a hobby as hiking become one of the seasons’ trends?
Of course, we’re not talking about the sort of ultra-technical, insulated boots your high school geography teacher might recommend for a field trip. Examples that slot seamlessly into an existing wardrobe place form slightly ahead of function, but can still hold their own in harsh conditions.


Hiking Boot



A pair of hiking boots with a waterproof lining and traction-packed sole is the perfect way to tie together other cold-weather essentials in a way no sneakers ever could.


Smart Stompers
A pair of smart jack boots is an easy way to show yourself as a man ready for anything; even if that ‘thing’ just happens to be a day of client meetings. There’s nothing stylish about sodden feet.

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Weekend Walker
Weekends during the slushy season needn’t mean dormant hibernation, nor ruining your best shoes.



For added ballast, finish this with a choice piece of knitwear. Whether that’s a cable knit cardigan, perhaps over a shirt, or simple crew neck will decide how smart your look skews.

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