The Accurate White-Collar Ensemble

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The Accurate White-Collar Ensemble

The Accurate White-Collar Ensemble

As flexible as this era’s attitude to work attire has now become, you still can not afford to be lazy about your dress code. There’s nothing better than putting on a great looking suit. It can make you feel a couple of inches taller as well as infinitely more refined, and is crucial in maintaining that touch of class.

There are a bevy of ways to augment your personality through the use of colors and patterns, especially with white-collar formal outfits. Although it’s best to go for one or the other, if you opt for a brightly colored shirt, best pair it with a simple suit, and checkered suits should be paired with plainer shirt and tie combo.



For the more relaxed look, while still maintaining the sharp look, swap the classic button down for a crew neck jumper. This look gives you a mix of informality while still keeping it professional.

If you have a more flexible work place, try some smart casual pants like chinos or denim and pair with a patterned shirt and jacket.

Always remember there are fewer rules when it comes to mixing up different styles, colors and patterns regarding white-collar outfits. So have fun and be sure to maintain one patterned piece with either ┬áneutral tones or hues – because there’s more to dressing up for work than a two piece suit.

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