Take Pride in Print


Take Pride in Print

Take Pride in Print

Prints are rather flamboyant and send out its own statement on behalf of the wearer. Though seen as a bit old fashioned, it has resurfaced and when styled properly, it adds that touch of elegance and stylishness.

First thing that comes to mind about this fad is usually its bold colors and patterns – its these things that give flavor to any outfit. At first glance, it appears as if print shirts and smart-casual styles aren’t a great mix but they appear to be the mainstay when it comes to rocking that effortless casual men’s look.

The most basic way to wear this motif in your outfit would definitely  be with shirts. Though it appears simple, it might be a be a bit tricky to style properly. Its also the most sophisticated look you can achieve and not have to overthink whether you look smashing or not.

There are more than a few ways to combine patterned shirts. More restrained patterns will work far better at the formal end of the scale.

Printed shirts on chinos or denim short with sneakers or formal footwear is one of the most elegant, quick and carefree looks you can get, especially on hotter days.



We all love a pair of jeans. For those who are more comfortable not showing some leg,  denim jeans, blue or black can blend effortlessly with this patterned shirts; ofcourse with a pair of sporty footwear.


For those who delve from the classic denim look, while still having the party look, linen pants with a print shirt, (tucked in or untucked) would be just ideal.


And for the not-so-over-the-top casual ensemble, a blazer over a semi formal patterned shirt on a pair of jeans, or mixed up with a linen suit on white sneakers is appropriate for almost any formal occasion or wedding functions.

All you need to do is to find the print shirt that suits your body perfectly, and wear with confidence.

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