Surviving the Spring in Style

surving spring

Surviving the Spring in Style

You don’t need a lot of pieces when it comes to wardrobe essentials, trust us on this! Despite the fact that as fashion enthusiasts we work with whatever is in trend, we don’t necessarily need every trendy dress, jeans or shoes that attract us.  We work to keep the fashion wheel spinning then we later decide if those trends are really for us or not.

These are 5 items that will make surviving this spring in style easy:



The new take on colour blocking will make you sooo obsessed. There’s a new geometric design that just adds a pop to any look you’re going for, it’s just easy to match with anything and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. This is just a really bright and pretty way to carry your stuffs around this spring and it definitely works for both day and night You can never really wear all these colours in a dress but in a bag? WHY NOT?


These Throwback Shoes Are the New Go-To Flats of 2017

BOOM! Flatform shoes are back and updated with laced-up ribbons, studs, satins and graphic motifs. Tbh we’ll all agree that these style used to be super ugly, boxy and masculine but in reality, they are actually superrrrr comfortable so now it’s time to reconsider ( I honestly wonder how we’ve been surviving without these). These super comfy flatforms are looking to replace your basic flats this spring and they will definitely make you fall in love with the trend.


Sunglasses have always been known to add a touch of chic and class to your look. They flatter just about any face. Have you ever seen anyone who doesn’t look good in glasses? Cat glasses will always be a top trend, there’s no way to get rid of them and DUHH, they are just too flattering.


With a Feminine Blouse Tucked in Tight and Power Pumps

Track pants are the perfect combination of sporty and cool. The last time we wore Adidas track pants we were throwing them over gym shorts for soccer practice but that was long before the trend came back in a big way last year.  They look chic paired with everything from your favorite soft white T-shirt to a dressier, lace-hemmed blouse and they are available in different fabrics which make them versatile enough for different occasions.


Exaggerated sleeve trend street style Spring summer 2017

Statement sleeves have fluttered into the style scene in a big way. Ruffles, exaggerated bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, and more! Anything goes this spring, but the more dramatic the better. This season it’s all about the exaggerated sleeves and there are so many options to choose – from billowy to bell-shaped, ruffled to extra long.

How else would you be surviving this spring in style? Try adding a touch of chic to your look with these 5 items that will make you look so fabulous.



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