#SundayStyle: Looking Stylish to Church


#SundayStyle: Looking Stylish to Church

Selecting what to wear to church on a Sunday can be a lot of hard work, one of the major reasons is finding something decent and dressy enough. Sometimes the problem is when you are worried about doing too much or not doing enough.


Separating work clothes from church outfits can be difficult too, the major difference is the Sunday feel of the outfit wearing more prints and soft fabric is ideal on a Sunday and trying to stay away from cooperate office clothing. There is the option of wearing dresses either maxi or midi dresses or you can also go with Aso Ebi’ to church on Sunday hereby making the choice easier. There is usually a great fusion of African fabrics while going to church, which gives a very nice and Sunday feel to the look.

first church look_completefashion

Accessorizing for church can be a bit tricky, you don’t want your accessories to look like you are attending a party or going for a wedding. Sticking to studs and simple necklaces and wristwatch is always safe. For shoes you can select from the wide range of shoes available to you but try staying away from sneakers and boots; however heels, ballerina flats and sandals go perfectly with the church flow.

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