Suiting Up The T-shirt Way

suiting up in a tshirt

Suiting Up The T-shirt Way

 Suiting Up The T-shirt Way



T-shirts have always been under the category of casual wears while suits are very much formal. Rules as we all know are there to be broken and never has this old adage chimed truer than fashion in the early part of the 21st century. Frequently we now see suave young men and old crooners kicking it back with tees under a well crafted jacket or suit. It’s not just the full suit either, smart trousers and shoes are now worn with t-shirts minus the suit jacket.

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Just because the rules of fashion are breaking new grounds this does not mean there are not certain rules we should still follow when putting this look together. Here are few tips for how to get the most out of this suave yet contemporary take on the way we dress for the modern age.

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The first thing to say is that you don’t have to wear a suit, it could just be a contrast blazer/trouser combination or if the climate allows, you can leave the jacket behind and simply put on a well tailored pair of trousers. As with all suits, your suit must and should be well fitted. So many seem to get this wrong, keep your trouser slim through the leg and shorter in length in order to show off those ankles.

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This is possibly the most essential part of getting this look right, wear an inappropriate shirt and see how the whole look falls apart. Keep your tee unadorned, this is a look that should still hold true to the good old fashioned rules of formal wear – sophisticated, stylish and refined – you are not trying to make a fashion statement with your t-shirt. Plain white is usually just perfect but any plain color would also work pending on how you want your outlook.

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The beauty of this look is it enables a broad spectrum footwear to work with the outfit. From the more formal side of things i.e loafers, brogues,trainers, your choice of footwear is totally up to you. Essentially, go by the unusual rule of the more formal the occasion, the smarter the shoe.

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As the word suggests, trends, especially in this changeable age we live in, come and go in the blink of an eye but this new merger between t-shirts and formal wear might just be here to stay. This is a look that transcends clothing genres and brings with it a certain sense of playful style helping to cover a multitude of social occasions. The beauty of this look is that while it certainly incorporates a more relaxed, contemporary feel to the way we now dress.






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