Suitable Necktie Medley


Suitable Necktie Medley

Suitable Necktie Medley

There is a bevy of guidelines and options to go for when it comes to pairing ties with shirts. The easiest and safest option would be to mix a bold colored or patterned necktie with a crisp white shirt – but where’s the fun in that?

By default, every man should own three shirt colors: white, blue and green. The tie combination usually poses as a bit of a problem. White shirts offer maximum versatility and a blank canvas for almost any tie so feel free to experiment more.



Light blue shirts work well with tonal, patterned or textured ties in the same family. Show off your color matching prowess by opting for burnt orange, burgundy, pink or mustard when pairing. This is sure to make you stand out for all the right reasons in your office.


As for pink shirts, possible tie color combinations include mauve and purple. Opt for either of these in an absorbed hue and you can’t go wrong – with a predominantly navy blue tie, whether solid or patterned.


Stripes can work perfectly well with other stripes, just make sure they aren’t the same size. A thin pencil stripe shirt is a perfect match for a larger club stripe tie. Also, a vertical striped shirt pairs best with a horizontal or diagonal striped tie, as long as it offers a clear contrast between each piece.

Always bear in mind, the tie it the first thing people notice. It pays to invest in quality when it comes to necktie selection – this doesn’t necessarily mean expensive; but tasteful.

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