Styling your goddess days

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Styling your goddess days

Your pregnant months are some of your most glorious and magical months. You are nurturing a new life inside of you, and your body is going through various changes as well. Now most of us are not thrilled by these changes, especially when our clothes don’t fit the way they should or when we get so bloated, we do not want to leave the house.

One good thing to note is that even with all these changes going on, you do not have to stop looking your usual stylish self. Grab a page from Beyonce, Chrissy Teigen, Ciara, Kelly Rowland and the other hot moms that have been in the public eye during their pregnancy terms, and style your bump fabulous in your goddess days.

See the pictures below for some pregnancy style inspirations:

PENCIL SKIRTS; If you are comfortable wearing them while pregnant then, by all means, go fo them. Tight midi-length pencil skirts accentuate your bump.goddess day


FLARED SKIRTS; Flared skirts definitely balances out your proportions, especially at the end of the pregnancy when the belly is so big. The whole belly is less visible—since the skirt isn’t high-waisted—and your upper body looks longer.pregnant flared skirt


TIGHT DRESSES: Experiment with wearing things you already have in your wardrobe. Clothes that have a lot of stretch or are oversized work well to accommodate that baby bump.pregnant skintight


WORK THOSE HEELS: If you’re having a healthy pregnancy and aren’t experiencing any pain while wearing heels, then it’s a really great way to feel sexy. You don’t have to have them on for a 9-hour work day, but throwing on a pair for a date night with the husband or to head out for a party is a good way to feel sexy in your goddess day.pregnant black white and red


CHUNKY ACCESSORIES; Bold accessories add a hint of luxe and polish to any look, especially when dressing on the casual side of style. Adding bold accessories allows you to feel a bit more put together, which is sometimes hard to accomplish in the later months of pregnancy.

pregnant ankara maxi


FLORALS? YES! Wearing florals while expecting is an exciting and a fun way to accentuate your bump. When the floral pattern falls in the right place, it creates a cool illusion that makes the florals seem 3D!pregnant florals


FLOWY FABRICS; Blake Lively showed up to a red carpet event in a dress that was flowy at the bottom and fitted around the belly bump, it was perfection.pregnant in grace

Photo Source: @preggonista

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