Style Tips: Dressing Up Your Basic Graphic Tee


Style Tips: Dressing Up Your Basic Graphic Tee

Style Tips: Dressing Up Your Basic Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are making a bit of a comeback, so you should expect to see them more than you already do. Whatever graphic you like, make sure you’re styling the shirt with more than just jeans and a pair of sneakers. I mean, do that if you want, it works, but try to have some more fun with them. It’s a casual piece that is so versatile and can be a lot more fun than it seems. Here are a few style tips on how to wear graphic tees in a way that is definitely not boring.

 Keep your graphic tee simple but still fun by wearing it under a printed jacket or button-down shirt. Don’t worry about the colors matching or the prints clashing – that’s part of the look!


 Graphic tees and heels are a match made in heaven. Make the look more interesting by adding cool heels and a leather jacket. It’s a little bit more dressed up without being too over the top. 

20 Another way to make a tee and jeans combo more fun: add a long trench and cuff the jeans to show off sneakers. With a glam bag and some pretty jewelry, this easy look is perfect for so many different occasions. 


Add one super luxe clothing item to your graphic tee and jeans to look a little bit more ~chic. A velvet jacket/blazer like this one is a great option. 


Stay comfortable in a cute outfit by pairing your graphic tee with a fun cardigan, like something with oversized polka dots. Interesting accessories, like bright sunglasses, add to the look.


Ankle boots can take a jeans and tee combo and make it instantly a little more dressed up. Pick ankle length jeans or cuff yours to really show off the boots.howtoweargraphictees8

Ripped, loose jeans are also having a moment, so why not wear them with a graphic tee? To keep this from being too casual, front tuck the shirt and add a pair of heels.howtoweargraphictees4

Cold? Layer your graphic tee over a turtleneck to stay cozy and look seriously adorable. Bonus points if you have a cute hat to put on too. 


 Get in on the fishnet trend with your graphic tee. Pull the fishnets high, then knot your tee into almost a crop top to show off the waistband of the tights. Very Tumblr chic.howtoweargraphictees11

 Get your denim shorts ready for warmer weather by wearing them over tights. A graphic tee and colorful cardigan keep the look easy and comfortable, while knit socks and boots keep you warm. howtoweargraphictees12

Do something a little bit more daring – wear a graphic tee that’s long/big enough to be basically a dress with a pair of thigh-high boots. howtoweargraphictees13

Accessories can change your whole look – knee-high boots and a Panama hat keep jeans and a t-shirt looking more on the chic side.howtoweargraphictees14 Dress up your tee a bit by tucking it into a midi skirt. A long jacket or cardigan with ankle boots keeps this appropriate for winter weather. 


Keep things interesting and layer your graphic tee under a thin-straped dress, whether it’s velvet, a slip dress, or just something basic.howtoweargraphictees16

Add an unexpected piece, like a leopard jacket, to make your look stand out. Red lipstick and a nice bag make this look chic.

howtoweargraphictees18 Tuck your tee into high-waist fit flare jeans with ankle boots or heels. So many trends, but this still manages to look extremely cool.


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