Stripe A Pose! The right stripe type


Stripe A Pose! The right stripe type

Stripe A Pose! The right stripe type

As one of the most undemanding and effortless designs there is, its scarcely astounding that this trend continues to hold a strong bearing within the modern man’s apparel season after season.


Varying from thin plain tinted lines, to wide striped tailoring, this timeless design has been re-imagined for this years spring/summer assemblage.

Everyday Stripe Wears

For designs as dynamic in men’s fashion style as the Line, its hardly season specific; and now would be the most appropriate time to broaden your prospects – and stripes too.

Teaming with plain pants, for those who prefer striped tops, and vice versa; and even with neutral warm-weather staples, you cant be far left of center with this one.

So long as you bear your basics in mind, even the most gaudy block stripes can be kept under control. So why not notch higher by adding a few bold motifs to your mix this season?

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