Smart and Casual


It’s sometimes overwhelming to continuously wear smart, formal outfits, so incorporating smart casual into your wardrobe can be the best thing and give you the most relieving feeling. And with so many combinations, you’ll never be stuck for ideas.

Suit and Trainers

completefashion smart and casual

This is the most smart casual style as they come. You’re able to look slick in your suit, while adding an edge, character and street style cool to your outfit without looking like you’ve tried too hard. A great transition from the office to a night out, or an event to the after party.

Blazer and Jeans

completefashion smart and casual

This is the basic combination that most guys opt for. It’s quick and easy, and has every generation has used it. Jeans are the main item in our wardrobe that can be paired with almost everything, so this comes as no surprise.

Oxford shirt and joggers

completefashion smart and casual

This is a completely unexpected combination coming out of nowhere. Who’d have thought that joggers could be classed as smart wear? They’ve come a long way from their ‘lounging’ and ‘gym’ days. Thanks to it’s modernising, they come in a variety of new shapes, mostly more fitted, enabling you to add it to your smarter outfits. In order to stop this combination straying too much towards casual and ‘off the street’, opt for a more fitted jogger in order to make it seem more tailored. This way you’re still able to pair it with trainers and still look smart

Waistcoat and Jeans

completefashion smart and casual

This is another combination that is used daily by every generation. If a blazer is a bit too much for you, then switch it for a waistcoat, the original classy garment. It’s fitted design enables you to look slick and smart as you can still pair it with a shirt, but the jeans bring it back down to casual.

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