Skinny Jeans: The Re-make

skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans: The Re-make

So many trend experts have discussed the end of skinnies once and for all. But to be totally honest, as Kendall Jenner and Olivia Palermo recently showcased, the style has become a classic staple rather than something that needs to be completely phased out.

So in honor of the return of skinnies, we’re showing you five fresh ways to wear this denim silhouette this year.

  1. Trend it with pink: Pink is one of the trending colors of the season and as a fashion it girl, you can revive you skinnies look with a pretty pink tee or
  2. Do the Denim on Denim: Revive your skinny jeans with a denim jacket for that retro denim on denim look. how-to-wear-skinny-jeans
  3. Mix with statement pieces: Mix your jeans with statement tops, tees or shoes for a casual-yet-put-together daytime look. 
  4. Style with boots: Elevate your daytime look with on-trend ankle boots and some distressed
  5. Corporate-Casual look: Never forget power of a well put together look in a blazer and pointy toed shoes. how-to-wear-skinny-jeans
  6. All Black Everything: keep it simple and stylish in an all black skinny and a snazzy sweatshirt. 
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