Shorts and Footwear Combos For Men


Shorts and Footwear Combos For Men

Shorts and Footwear Combos

They say you can tell everything about a man by his shoes. If that’s true, summertime is when you really lay yourself bare because, in shorts, your choice of footwear is almost as glaring as your sunburn.


There’s a lot that can go wrong when you’re pairing new shoes and bare legs, so avoid any unsightly clashes with these foolproof shorts and footwear combinations.

1. Tailored Shorts
Smart but versatile, tailored pants can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion and make the ideal warm-weather alternative.

Shorts and Footwear

Brogues, Oxfords and Derbies all work well, whether you opt for models in leather or seasonally-appropriate suede, while chic loafers and driving shoes in similar materials will add a more laid-back feel, but still keep you looking suave.


2. Jersey/Athletic Shorts. If you’re a man of athleisure, you’ll want a shoe that offers the same degree of comfort and breathability. Which means A pair of minimal low-top trainers in black, white or grey is probably the safest style to settle on if you’re prioritizing versatility.



3. Denim Shorts; While it’s easy to style a pair of selvedge shorts with most of your casual shirts, tees and vests, what are the guidelines when it comes to footwear? Keep it lo-fi.
Try teaming with canvas trainers (Chuck Taylors being the obvious option), minimalist sneakers, plimsolls or skate-inspired slip-ons for easy off-duty looks; indeed the preferred Shorts and Footwear combo.



4. Chino Shorts; An unbeatably versatile, a pair of chino shorts is an indisputable summer wardrobe staple. For a classic pairing that works for almost any warm-weather situation, team them with boat shoes. Yes, it’s a casual silhouette, but there’s something unmistakably sharp and gentlemanly about a boat shoe that means you can sport them for slightly more formal events.


Minimalist trainers offer the same flexibility with dress codes, so they’re a good option if you have day-into-evening plans and are unarguably the perfect Shorts and Footwear combination.

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