Shoes Never To Wear… With Shorts


Shoes Never To Wear… With Shorts

Shoes Never To Wear… With Shorts

Shorts are undoubtedly a warm-weather staple. Truth be told, we can’t think of many articles of clothing that are quite as tricky to wear as our beloved shorts. Unlike other clothes that don’t expose quite as much leg, you can’t just wear any type of shoe with them.

Although there are certain shoe styles that go with shorts on repeat, there are a few that shouldn’t go together.

  1. High Wedges. The shorter the short, the lower the heel should be.


2. Stilletos. They are the preferred ‘night-out’ choice. They shouldn’t be worn with shorts as shorts are a more casual piece.

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3. Pointed-Toe Heels could be your worst choice of footwear to pair with shorts. It’s best to go for more comfortable shoes like block-heels or simple slides.

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4. High-top Sneakers. Although they seem comfortable, they are a bit left of center when it comes to styling with shorts. Flats or sandals are always the more preferable shoes.

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5. Flip-flops. In place of this outdated staple, opt for more stylish and comfortable slides and all you need to add is a cool statement top.

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