Seventies Retro; How To


Seventies Retro; How To

The Eighties and Nineties have been everywhere for the last few seasons, so it’s almost inevitable that the Seventies are fighting their way back into dominance – and the color shades aren’t the only thing coming back.

One of the most popular styles is the hippie outfit. Consisting of unique and vibrant designs, this bold expression can be easily incorporated into your everyday ensemble, giving you that contemporary, hipster appearance.



Although the spotlight of the seventies has been focused more on the hippie and disco trend, the safari and military look is also trendy and fashionable. Mainly characterized by earth tones, this casual trend has inspired a range of modern fashion accessories, from wide belts to patched pockets. This look is just perfect for a chic weekend look.

The ‘Sporty Chic’ trend is somewhat original version of today’s athleisure look, combined comfort with style for a relaxed yet elegant appearance. It could easily be paired with a turtle neck sweater to exclaim the retro fashion statement.


When it comes to creating a chic, 2017 outfit, the 70’s are a great source of inspiration. Thanks to the diversity of fashion in the decade, the 70’s have something for everyone, but then just make sure to maintain a bit of balance in your wardrobe for a contemporary take on this vogue.

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