Sequin Shirts (DIY)


Sequin Shirts (DIY)

Sequin embellishments are a great way to add glitter and colour to your outfits and best of all you can make it your very own sequin shirt, let’s show you how

-sequin trim
-needle and thread
-fabric glue

Step One: First, choose a cursive handwritten font  and print your phrase the size you want it to appear on your sweatshirt.

Step Two: Use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut out your letters to make a template for your sequins. Place it where you want your phrase to be and use a marker to trace the middle of your phrase.

Step Three: Place some fabric glue on the left side of the marker outline and set your sequin trim on top of the glue (you want the whole phrase to be outlined with one row of sequins when you’re done).

Step Four: Once you have one row of sequins completed, use your fabric glue to place another line of glue on the right side of your marker line. Take your sequin trim, make a U-turn at the end of your phrase, and trace your phrase backwards by placing the trim on the glue (you’ll want the rows to overlap a bit). When you get back to the beginning, trim your excess and fold your end sequin under the second-to-last sequin (on both the beginning and end of your strand) and glue in place.

Step Five: Once the glue is dry, use a needle and thread to secure your phrase to the sweatshirt by sewing every third or fourth sequin to the actual sweatshirt. This extra step gives the phrase some added durability in the wash.

Note: Depending on your phrase and letters you choose, you may get to a spot where you have to backtrack over the same spot to get to the next letter (like I had to on part of my “O”). Just glue your row on top of itself if you have to backtrack so you don’t end up more than two rows wide in that spot.

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