Secrets of Women Who Never Break Their Sunglasses

Secrets of Women Who Never Break Their Sunglasses

Secrets of Women Who Never Break Their Sunglasses

Secrets of Women Who Never Break Their Sunglasses

It’s summertime and the living is easy. Except when you stand up to reveal a shattered pair of Ray-Bans underneath your butt. Let’s take a look at some of the positive attributes of people who never seem to have this problem.

They Don’t Just Fling Them Anywhere


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First things first: To have nice things, you must be conscious of nice things. And if you’re rushing through the door to collapse on the couch (without taking 30 seconds to properly put away those $100 frames), then don’t be surprised when you hear a crunch.


They Don’t Put Their Sunglasses Down in Restaurants Either

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 We know you’re watching your frames very carefully, as they sit right there next to your latte. But who knows when someone’s bag will brush by your table? Or if you get excited and start really talking with your hands? Your sunglasses need a better resting place.
They Never Leave Home Without a Hardback Casesunglasses 3
This is what we mean by “better resting place.” Any good pair of frames will come with a crunch-free case. Make sure to drop your case into your purse so you can store your glasses later in the day.


They Wear Them on Their Face Only

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Not up in their hair. Not hanging from the neckline of their shirt. Both scenarios are just asking for an accident. Any time those babies are off your face, they should be in that aforementioned case.


They Make Sure Their Sunglasses Fit Properly

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Even if you do all those previous things correctly, you’re still at risk if your frames are too loose. After buying a nice pair, ask the salesperson to adjust them to your face shape. And see if they provide free tune-ups later on, since the glasses will naturally stretch out over time. If you have some older ones you want to tighten yourself, try an eyeglass screwdriver on your own.




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