Rules For Wearing Stripes


Rules For Wearing Stripes

Many guys want to express their style with more than just solid colors, but they worry about bold patterns seeming a little over the top. With such a dilemma, stripes are the perfect solution. As popular as ever, stripes serve as a good compromise by staying conservative while allowing their wearer to separate himself from the masses clad in solid white or blue shirts.

Though still relatively easy for most guys to pull off, you should keep several rules in mind when wearing stripes.

Rule 1- Go vertical

You have two fundamental options to consider when choosing between the kinds of stripes to wear: horizontal or vertical. With few exceptions, horizontal stripes are the more stylish choice. Unless you want to look like a Sesame Street character, Waldo or a jailbird, horizontal stripes can be difficult. Vertical stripes, on the other hand, do not carry many negative connotations.

Rule 2- Keep it thin

From this point forward, vertical stripes will be the focus, since there are exceedingly few situations when horizontal stripes will be your best bet.

You must determine the weight of the stripes you want. As a general guideline, keep them relatively thin. Whether horizontal or vertical, wide stripes are not stylish. Instead, I suggest sticking to stripes less than an inch in width. Again, varying weight is preferable.

Don’t want to look like a clown? Then discover the right way to wear stripes…

Rule 3- Beware of complementary colors

With direction and weight under control, you should next consider color. There are no particular colors that all guys should avoid. Your own personal style will dictate which colors should work for you. Certain color combinations, however, should be avoided. In particular, beware of complementary colors. These are colors opposite one another on the color wheel, such as red/green, yellow/purple and blue/orange. Contrasting colors will generally seem loud and often aesthetically painful when on top of one another.

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