Rules For Buttoning Your Suit


Rules For Buttoning Your Suit

Well we know it does not seem like an important issue or topic, but it is! It is as relevant as doing your zipper right before leaving the house to avoid embarrassment, so see below the rules involved for suits buttoning.


1.  One-Button Suit Jackets


These jackets should ALWAYS be buttoned when standing and unbuttoned when sitting down, so that it doesn’t crease.

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2. Two-Button Suit Jackets

The top button on these jackets should  be buttoned at all times, especially when standing; unbutton only to sit and leave the bottom button undone to avoid adding more weight to your mid section.

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3. Three-Button Suit Jackets

You can choose to open the top button while standing, ensure the middle button is always in place and do not fasten the bottom button.

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4. Double-Breasted Suit Jackets

For double-breasted jackets, all the buttons should be in place at all times.

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